IntraLase® Laser

In an effort to ensure that LASIK surgery is as safe as possible for our patients, we utilize the advanced IntraLase® laser. IntraLase® is a technology that is used during the first step of the LASIK process in order to create a corneal flap.

Traditionally, surgeons used a handheld steel device called a microkeratome to create the corneal flap during laser eye surgery. However, using a blade was somewhat unpredictable and resulted in many LASIK-related complications. With the introduction of IntraLase®, a smoother, more uniform corneal flap can be created using a computer-controlled laser — all without the use of a blade. Short, quick pulses of laser energy are delivered to a preprogrammed location on the cornea where they create thousands of microscopic bubbles that link together to form the flap. Because the laser is guided by a computer, it can be programmed with the patient's specific eye data for highly-accurate results.

Utilizing the IntraLase® laser at our practice has revolutionized the LASIK procedure because it gives our surgeons unprecedented control, allowing for safer and more predictable results. With IntraLase®, even patients who didn't qualify for LASIK in the past, such as those with thin corneas, may now be able to undergo the surgery. In addition, many clinical studies have shown that patients who undergo the IntraLase Method™ during laser eye surgery may be able to achieve 20/20 vision or better. The IntraLase® laser is used during the procedure that is often referred to as blade-free LASIK, all laser LASIK or  iLASIK™.

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