VISX STAR S4™ Excimer Laser

For a highly-precise laser eye surgery experience, our practice uses the VISX STAR S4™ excimer laser system. This advanced laser is used during the second part of the LASIK process, which involves reshaping the cornea.

This complete vision correction system is used together with three-dimensional WaveScan® digital imaging for a completely customized experience. Guided by a computerized image of the eye, the VISX STAR S4™ excimer laser provides precise, personalized treatment for refractive errors. Because treatment is customized, no two procedures are the same. The VISX STAR S4™ laser also uses variable-sized laser beams for quicker and smoother corneal reshaping, which results in faster recovery times and a reduced risk of post-surgical complications.

In addition, the VISX STAR S4™ excimer laser uses ActiveTrack™ iris registration technology for extremely accurate results. ActiveTrack™ allows the laser VISX® laser to track eye movement and automatically positions and aligns the laser beam during the procedure for laser eye surgery results that are 25 times more accurate. The VISX STAR S4™ excimer laser is used during both the CustomVue™ Custom LASIK and iLASIK™ procedures.

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