Read The Fine Print - Corneal Inlays Are Here!

Read The Fine Print - Corneal Inlays Are Here!

Created on: Sunday, October 23, 2016
Author: New England Eye Center


Read The Fine Print-Corneal Inlays Are Here!

Have you hit that unmistakable age that marks a turning point in your up close vision? Yes, I am talking about the dreaded readers. If so, how long have you been waiting for an alternative to get rid of your reading glasses? Probably since that exact moment when your arms became too short and holding the menu further away just wasn’t working anymore.  Like many Americans age forty and up, reaching for reading glasses seems to come at the most inconvenient times. And if it’s not bad enough that the fine print seems to be getting smaller and smaller, you probably find yourself switching between different readers with different “lens power” for different tasks. You might even be in progressive lenses. You are not alone. While reading vision will absolutely deteriorate with time, advancements in ophthalmology are providing some viable solutions. Monovision has been an alternative for some time, but it is not well tolerated by all. But there is hope because advanced cataract lenses now offer patients the opportunity to see near, far and in between after surgery. The Symfony lens, recently FDA approved in the U.S., offers what we call "extended depth of vision" or "social vision." One of the wonderful things about this lens, is it can be utilized in patients who have had former LASIK and PRK.

There are two procedures recently FDA approved that are intended to correct reading vision. One is called KAMRA™ and the other Raindrop. Both have successfully allowed thousands of patients outside of the United States to greatly reduce their dependence on reading glasses. These procedures recently became FDA approved in the United States for patients who qualify.  While many practices outside of the U.S. have had corneal inlays available for their long term reading vision solution, patients in the United States have had to wait.  The wait is over and KAMRA and Raindrop is here. To learn more about KAMRA visit and for Raindrop vis

It's all about Options and Dr. Helen Wu is the surgeon who can offer these options to those who qualify.  The first step is to come in for your complimentary screening to learn more and find out which procedure may be best suited for you. When considering refractive surgery, choose a corneal specialist who is not only largely respected among her peers in and outside of the United States, but a surgeon who has dedicated her career to helping patients achieve visual freedom. You do not need to be visually handicapped anymore. Call 1-617-636-3360 or 1-617-636-1055 and schedule your complimentary screening. Mention this blog article and we will waive your consultation fee when you move forward after the screening. (a value of $350.00).

If you are interested in decreasing or possibly eliminating the need for reading glasses, Dr. Wu will be happy to meet with you and discuss the pros and cons. To schedule your complimentary screening, you may also visit and request an appointment.



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