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Intacs® corneal inserts are an advanced treatment method for individuals with nearsightedness. Intacs® do not require the removal of corneal tissue and offer an alternative to conventional LASIK, blade-free LASIK, PRK, and other types of laser eye surgery. Intacs® are also used at our Boston, Brookline, and Wellesley offices for keratoconus treatment.

Intacs® Corneal Inserts Treatment for Nearsightedness
Keratoconus Treatment with Intacs® Corneal Inserts

Intacs® Corneal Inserts Treatment for Nearsightedness

Intacs Corneal Inserts Individuals who are tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses now have another treatment option in addition to laser eye surgery and corneal transplants. Intacs® corneal inserts are placed to correct vision without requiring the removal of any corneal tissue. Although laser eye surgery is safe, effective, and painless, the procedure does require the creation of a small flap in the outer layer of the cornea so that the laser can access the underlying layers. Intacs® corneal inserts can be placed to correct vision without the need for the corneal flap that is required in laser eye surgery.

Intacs® are an excellent solution for individuals who have thin corneas and therefore may not be good candidates for laser eye surgery. In addition, if a patient's vision changes, the clear, plastic inserts can be removed and replaced by inserts with the new prescription.

The placement of Intacs® can be completed in approximately one hour. After the patient receives anesthetic eye drops, a laser is used to make an incision on the surface of the cornea. Then the inserts are placed in between the two outermost layers of the cornea and the incisions are closed. The Intacs® inserts correct vision by flattening the corneas so that they can refract light more effectively. Patients often notice almost immediate improvement in their vision. For more information about Intacs® or to schedule a consultation at our Boston office, please contact the New England Eye Center today.

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Keratoconus Treatment with Intacs® Corneal Inserts

In addition to treating myopia or nearsightedness, Intacs® corneal inserts can also be used in keratoconus treatment. Keratoconus is an eye disease that can cause corneas to become thin and lose their shape. Misshapen corneas are not able to refract light as effectively, resulting in impaired vision.
Intacs® inserts are an effective keratoconus treatment method because they provide support to thin corneas and restore them to their natural curvature. Intacs® corneal inserts are much less invasive than corneal transplants and other methods of keratoconus treatment. Intacs® corneal inserts are simply placed within the corneas to change their shape and improve vision.

Intacs® corneal inserts are used to treat individuals with mild to moderate keratoconus. This treatment method does not cause any discomfort, and the inserts are virtually invisible to others.

Learn More About Intacs® and Keratoconus Treatment at Our Boston, Leominster, and Wellesley Offices

Please contact the New England Eye Center in Boston, Leominster, or Wellesley to learn more about Intacs® corneal inserts and keratoconus treatment.

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