Ziemer Galilei

Ziemer Galilei

New England Eye Center is one of a few centers that use both the Orbscan™ and Galilei™, which measure both the front and back of the corneal surface. Using Optical, Placido Disc, and Scheimpflug imaging technology we are able to get a full and complete assessment of your cornea. These instruments also measure the thickness of your cornea. Most laser surgery doctors only perform traditional corneal topography.

With traditional topography machines only the front surface of the cornea is mapped. Orbscan™ and Galilei™ are able to show us both the front and back surface of your cornea. The Orbscan™ and Galilei™ detect changes in the back surface of your cornea, such as early conditions like Keratoconus. With the Galilei we are able to evaluate the back surface of your cornea which gives our surgeons the ability to better assess your cornea for laser and cataract procedures. Doing so can make your treatment safer and more accurate by giving valuable information to our doctors prior to your procedure.

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At the New England Eye Center, we are dedicated to providing patients with the safest and most accurate laser eye surgery experience possible. If you would like to learn more about the IntraLase® and VISX STAR S4™ lasers or CustomVue™ treatment, contact our Boston-area practice.

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