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ReSTOR Boston, Wellesley, LeominsterMillions of people undergo cataract surgery every year and as the procedure has become more readily available, the demand for a high-quality intraocular lens has skyrocketed. The Alcon ReSTOR® multifocal IOL has given the Boston, Wellesley, and Leominster patients at New England Eye Center a chance to experience exceptional improvements in their vision. A vast majority of the patients who have had ReSTOR® lenses put in have since been free of glasses and contacts.

It is essential to talk to one of our doctors when the earliest signs of cataracts emerge; if left untreated, cataracts can lead to blindness. If you are experiencing dramatic changes in your vision, blurred vision, difficulty with glare (especially at night), dulled color, severe nearsightedness, or occasional double vision, you may have cataracts.

During a comprehensive eye examination at New England Eye Center, we will thoroughly assess the condition of your eyes and, if need be, provide you with pertinent information about cataract surgery and ReSTOR® IOLs. Please contact our laser eye center today to schedule your first consultation.

What Is a Cataract?

As we age, the intricate workings of our eyes and the accuracy and function of our eyes change. Over time, the eye's lens becomes susceptible to cataracts, a condition in which the lens, which is responsible for capturing an image, focusing it on the retina, and sending it to the brain, becomes clouded by clumping proteins. Cataracts can severely deplete your vision, making everyday tasks such as driving dangerous.

Because contact lenses and laser surgery cannot treat cataracts, the surgical removal of the cataract is the only option. Finding a highly acclaimed and experienced doctor to provide you with exemplary care is imperative to successful results. New England Eye Center has been performing cataract surgery for years and has the tools and knowledge necessary to provide you with the best experience.

Understanding the Procedure

Although cataract surgery does not cause a significant amount of pain, anesthetic drops or mild sedation may be used to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Once you are comfortable, the affected part of your eye will be removed through a single small incision. You may experience pressure as the clouded portion of your lens is removed, but the surgery will only take about twenty minutes, so any discomfort you feel will be short-lived. Once your natural lens has been taken out, the folded ReSTOR® lens will be inserted through the same incision, then unfolded.

During recovery, eye drops must be administered several times a day for a few weeks. More detailed instructions for how to care for your new lenses will be given during your consultation.

Exploring the Benefits

The ReSTOR® IOL is an apodized diffractive optic, which is designed to enhance the quality of your vision while eliminating visual disturbances. The combination of these effects will set you up for optimum results that provide you with visual depth, clarity, and contrast. The way your eyes react to ReSTOR® lenses is dependent on the condition of your eyes and the specifics of your individual case. Our Boston, Wellesley, and Leominster doctors will assess whether multifocal ReSTOR® IOLs are best suited for you by performing an extensive exam during your consultation.

Learn More about ReSTOR®

New England Eye Center believes that everyone deserves a chance to regain his or her independent lifestyle, resume driving, and be given an opportunity to live without relying on glasses or contact lenses. If you suffer from cataracts, or are experiencing early symptoms of cataracts, please contact our Boston, Wellesley, or Leominster practice to schedule a consultation and learn more about ReSTOR® IOLs.

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