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Crystalens™ Boston, Wellesley, Leominster – New EnglandCataract surgery patients can now experience an entirely different class of excellent vision with Crystalens&™ accommodative IOLs. At New England Eye Center, we have been using Crystalens® at our Boston, Wellesley, and Leominster facilities for years, and we have learned firsthand what a life-changing difference they can make for our patients. These IOLs are designed to imitate your natural lenses, which accommodate your vision to varying distances. The Crystalens&™ IOL provides an incredibly broad range of vision without compromising the clarity of your sight.

Crystalens&™ is the only FDA-approved accommodating IOL and has played a major part in the advancement of cataract surgery technology. Our doctors at New England Eye Center have made cataract surgery and IOL placement an incredibly safe and easily accessible procedure, so if you're suffering from cataracts and are interested in achieving vision of a higher quality than you have had in years, we encourage you to contact our Boston, Wellesley, or Leominster practice to learn more about Crystalens&™ IOLs.

What Is a Cataract?

The lens of the eye lies behind the iris and the pupil and works to focus an image on the retina and send it to the brain. This lens also adjusts the eye's focus, allowing us to see at varying distances. When the proteins in your eye age, they can clump together and cause a clouding effect known as cataracts. This condition can have a severe effect on your ability to see, making everyday tasks such as driving much more dangerous. Each patient's cataracts develop and react to treatment differently, so your treatment plan will be mapped out based on your unique needs. A comprehensive eye exam with one of our doctors will determine the details of your procedure.

Understanding the Procedure

Before we place the Crystalens&™, we will administer eye drops that dilate your pupils and anesthetize your eyes to make the procedure more comfortable. A microscopic incision will be made at the edge of your cornea, through which the natural, clouded lens will be gently suctioned out. The IOL will be quickly and painlessly inserted through this same incision. The implantation process will take about twenty minutes, and you will immediately notice a dramatic improvement in your vision at all distances.

Full recovery happens relatively quickly, and most patients are able to return to normal activity almost immediately. Your follow-up appointment schedule as well as detailed instructions for care will be discussed in detail during your consultation.

Exploring the Benefits

The Crystalens&™ IOL is unique because of its ability to adjust your vision according to various distances. These lenses also have the power to eliminate your need for glasses or contacts, giving you the freedom to drive again and lead an independent life. The results you experience will depend on your individual case, and will be discussed in detail during your consultation.

Learn More about Crystalens&™

We don't want you to settle for less advanced treatment and technology when you have the opportunity to experience the powerful, life-changing results of Crystalens&™. These IOLs act as naturally as your biological lens, giving you the chance to accommodate your vision to changing distances, see with clarity and depth, and free yourself of the hassle of glasses and contact lenses. Crisp and clear vision is only a phone call away, so please contact our Boston, Wellesley, or Leominster office to schedule your first consultation and learn what Crystalens&™ can do for you.

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