Custom Wavefront and Topo Guided LASIK

If you are interested in receiving vision correction that is tailored to your individual needs, you should consider undergoing custom wavefront LASIK surgery at our at our laser facility in Waltham. Wavefront-guided and now Wavefront Optimized are both available to patients.  Custom iLASIK™  and Custom Contoura LASIK go beyond traditional LASIK.

Contoura Custom LASIK is Wavefront Optimized LASIK using detailed measurements of the curvature of the front surface of your eye to preserve the natural aspheric shape of your cornea. Preserving the cornea's natural shape reduces the risk of a higher-order aberration called spherical aberration, which can occur naturally in an eye or can be caused by other types of laser vision correction procedures. Spherical aberration often causes halos around lights and other night vision problems. Contoura Vision is a topography-guided LASIK treatment designed to provide surgeons the ability to perform more personalized laser procedures for patients with nearsightedness, or nearsightedness with astigmatism, based on the unique corneal topography of each eye. In 2014, more than 630,000 LASIK procedures were performed in the US alone. The goal with any of the procedures we offer to our patients in Boston is to provide the best procedure for your unique visual and lifestyle needs with the least risks and most benefits. Our services go well beyond laser vision correction. FDA-approved wavefront-optimized LASIK systems include the WaveLight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Excimer Laser System (Alcon).

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Improving the Quality of your Vision

Custom LASIK - IllustrationThe main benefit of wavefront-guided Custom LASIK surgery is that can improve not only how much you can see, but also the overall quality of your vision. Though vision is typically measured on a 20/20 chart, even having 20/20 vision does not necessarily mean perfect vision, as some patients may still experience some visual distortions, known as higher-order aberrations. These aberrations cause e problems with contrast sensitivity and night vision distortions such as glare and halos.

Custom LASIK - IllustrationPatients who undergo Custom LASIK surgery not only have a better chance of achieving vision that is 20/20 or higher, but also have improvement in contrast sensitivity and night vision quality.

General Considerations

  • Most individuals but not everyone is a good candidate for wavefront-guided Custom LASIK surgery. Our Refractive Vision Correction Center in Boston will evaluate factors such as degree and type of refractive error and the thickness and shape of your cornea to determine which refractive surgical procedure is specifically best for you.
  • Wavefront-guided Custom iLASIK is often an ideal procedure for patients who have visual problems that are unusual or difficult to correct through other methods.
  • For patients who are not LASIK candidates, we also perform a comprehensive array of alternative refractive surgical procedures such that most everyone can be offered the procedure that is optimal for their individual situation.
  • The NEEC Refractive Vision Correction Center is not a single-procedure laser-only practice. By having capability and familiarity with all modalities of refractive surgical vision correction, our broadly experienced refractive surgeons offer each and every patient the optimal solution to their vision correction problem and situation.

Contact our laser eye surgery practice to set up a custom wavefront LASIK consultation. With offices in Wellesley, Leominster, and Boston, we are conveniently located for many residents of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and surrounding areas.

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