ORA System™ with VerifEye+


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New England Eye Center's Lasik and Advanced Cataract Center is pleased to offer an advanced cataract surgery measurement tool used to enhance and customize your vision during cataract surgery.  ORA is an intra-operative aberrometry system used to ensure proper IOL (Intra Ocular Lens) power selection. The ORA™ System, featuring VerifEye+™ Technology, offers our surgeons the ability to calculate cylinder power and axis in real time helping reduce incidence of unintended residual post - operative astigmatism and enhancing patients' visual outcomes.


Prior to using ORA, intra-operative measuring tools like this were not in existence. It could take weeks post-operatively to determine if the patient was stable and the proper IOL selection was made. While great care and attention by our refractive surgery team is paid during a patient's pre-operative visit and other tests are taken to ensure proper IOL lens power calculation, there is always a margin of error when making the lens selection. ORA with VerifEye provides our team the assurance of proper lens power selection and the ability better determine post operatively visual stability.

For over three years Dr. Wu and the cataract surgeons at New England Eye Center who operate at Surgisite Ambulatory Surgery Center in Waltham have been using ORA technology during cataract surgery  resulting in more predictable outcomes and greater patient satisfaction. To be able to verify proper lens power during a patient's  cataract surgery truly customizes each person's unique visual result!

For patients who have had previous refractive surgery such as LASIK and PRK, for those patients with Astigmatism and most importantly to those patients choosing advanced laser cataract surgery with premium lenses, ORA with VerifEye can improve the accuracy of your surgery and help reduce the need for glasses post surgery. To learn more about our "Advanced Lens Options with ORA and the Catalys Laser," contact our refractive surgery department at 1-617-636-7800 or call Christine McMahon our refractive surgery coordinator directly at 1-617-636-1055.

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