WaveLight® EX500

New England Eye Center's LASIK and Advanced Cataract Center is proud to offer the WaveLight® EX500 Laser to patients in Boston and surrounding areas. This excimer laser, used to reshape the cornea during LASIK and PRK procedures, allows for a much greater degree of safety and accuracy to our patients. The most advanced generation in excimer lasers, the EX500 offers a faster and more accurate treatment for vision correction patients. The higher speed also means less time for the patient in surgery, less patient fatigue, improved patient comfort and a lower incidence of corneal drying. All of these features lead to a more precise result for the patient. Separating this laser even further from its predecessors are safety features only offered with this platform. Included in these advanced safety features is the ability for Dr. Wu to check corneal thickness immediately before and after treatment. These options allow Dr. Wu to change and/or expand treatment parameters and enhance current treatments. To learn more about your Vision Correction Options with the Wavelight EX500, contact our refractive surgery coordinator at 1-617-636-1055.

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