"To date, electing to have corrective eye surgery with New England Eye Center and Dr. Helen Wu has been one of the best decisions I have personally made in almost 20 years. The ability to wake up and start my day without first having to think of whether or not my glasses or contacts are with me is incredible to say the least. Knowing that I can simply think about how I want to spend my day and what I would like to do is how everybody who wears glasses or contacts wants to start their day. With PRK, I can.

The greatest benefits have shown themselves immediately when I was able to go out for a run with my friend just a few days after surgery and not worry about my glasses fogging up, sweat getting on the lenses, or them slipping down my nose, obscuring my vision. I have been able to go to the beach and not worry about water getting into my eyes and flushing out my contacts. I have been able to go camping and not be worried about packing saline or contact cases.

This procedure has not only afforded me incredible vision and the ability to see the world as it truly is but it has also enabled me to reach a level of independence which I have not had for many years. The day I was able to donate my glasses to the Lions fund and not worry about purchasing another bottle of saline solution again is really the most I could ask for out of this procedure.

The staff was and has been incredibly courteous, helpful, informative, and above all concerned with my recovery and overall satisfaction.

Thank you New England eye Center, Dr. Wu your Team!"


"Vision is the basis of our ability to experience the wonders of the world.  To wake up in the morning knowing that I might not be able to see the beauties surrounding me creates a cloud on what should be an otherwise sunny day.  This procedure is affording me the opportunity to regain a level of personal independence I thought was lost.  I can now swim, run, camp - explore - all the wonders of the world without worrying about carrying contact solution or getting my glasses scratched.  Being able to wake up in the morning and simply start my day is an ability that New Eye Center and Dr. Helen Wu has given back to me.  For that I am forever grateful."

Paolo Di Girolamo
Neurological Specialist

"I had been wearing contacts since I was 12, but by the time I graduated from college and started working the lenses became intolerable. The irritation was so bad, I had no choice but to wear glasses, and that wasn't the best option either. I am on camera a lot for my job and the glare from my glasses looked distracting onscreen even though I had special anti-reflective lenses. I've always thought about Lasik, and figured now might be the perfect time to have the procedure. Luckily, Dr. Goldstein said I was a candidate, and we talked about which procedure (PRK or Lasik) would be best for me. I decided on Lasik because the downtime fit my schedule a little better and now a few weeks later, I can see better than I have in my entire life. In fact, Dr. Goldstein told me I have what's called"eagle vision!" Every day I wonder when I will stop consciously thinking that I can see without contacts or glasses. The procedure is an absolute miracle, and one of the best decisions I've ever made ... and it didn't hurt at all!"

"I can see faces across the stadium at Celtics games now, and I don't have to strain my eyes to see the scoreboard. Each day I think about the new things I can do now that I do not have to wear glasses or contacts. Right now I'm planning a snorkeling trip so I can open my eyes for the first time underwater without goggles and actually be able to see!"

Kristine Leahy
"Fox 25 News - Sports Anchor/Reporter"

"Up until the time I turned 30 I was happy wearing glasses. I had always worked in positions where I was supervising people older than me, and glasses helped me look more mature, intelligent, and wise. A while after I began working in fashion and my friends started having babies, I realized that I probably didn't need those glasses to look"mature" anymore; I was getting older, and the glasses didn't help. The final straw? When the cashiers at Trader Joe's started calling me"sir."

Now, having had laser eye surgery, I could kick myself for waiting so long. If I'd have known how affordable, quick, and relatively easy it was five years ago, I would have definitely had it done sooner. Dr. Wu and everyone at the New England Eye Center were so easy to work with that I felt like I was almost family. They explained everything, answered all my questions, and made me feel at ease throughout the preparation, procedure, and follow-up care. I simply can't recommend them enough- and in fact I've sent a few people there already!"

Jason Salzenstein
Senior Editor, Style & Travel / EDGE Publications

"I love the PRK and it has changed my life." I started the process for PRK for December 2007 and I never thought it would have such an impact on my life. After talking with the very supportive and caring staff I was convinced that this was the right decision for me. The day of the surgery I was so scared but the staff helped me to relax and actually think of the positive effects this will have on my life.

After a little while I was soon able to see at 20/15 instead of needing glasses for everything. I truly and grateful to Dr. Goldstein and the staff at New England Eye Center for their help and guidance throughout the whole process. Without them I would not have gone through the procedure. I am now able to do so many more things now that I am not constantly looking for my glasses. Since the surgery I have been able to play tennis much better and ever skydive. I hope this summer I will be able to do even more fun and crazy activities because of my eye sight. Thank you to Dr. Goldstein and the staff of New England Eye Center for all of your help and dedication through this process.

Margaret Ivins

Todd CampbellThanks to Dr. Hu and the entire NEEC staff, my vision is now better than I ever remember. The NEEC team through the use of iLASIK brought my vision in one day, from off the chart to 20/15. The glasses I started wearing in the fifth grade are no more. No more fogged up, or rained on lenses. No more contact changes or swimming concerns. The only thing better than my eyesight now, was winning the championship last year, and I now look forward to watching the next championship unfold in 20/15 high definition."

Todd Campbell
Physical Therapist / Boston Celtics

Ellen ZaneBy the time I was six years old I already had very poor vision, and as a child I had to wear those"Coke-bottle" glasses with extremely thick lenses before graduating to contacts in high school. As I grew older, I found that I had less and less clarity with my contact lenses, and as an executive who spends hours reading email and analyzing long, complex documents, this was very frustrating. I began to need reading glasses in addition to my contact lenses.

I researched refractive laser eye surgery, but was told I was not a candidate because I had very small cataracts, which my ophthalmologist watched for about a decade. Then in 2007, I began noticing my vision was worsening significantly. In meetings I had difficulty reading the slides on the screen; when driving at night I could no longer see street signs. My poor vision had become incredibly frustrating and was interfering with my daily life. That's when I made an appointment with Dr. Helen Wu at the New England Eye Center here at Tufts Medical Center. Dr. Wu told me I was a perfect candidate for Crystalens. I had the surgery in one eye in November 2007 and the other in December.

Regaining clear, crisp vision has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Now, my vision is 20x15 in one eye and 20x20 in the other, and the difference from before has been truly life changing. I was so euphoric then, and still am now that I can read my email, newspapers and documents clearly, without the help of glasses. It's made an amazing difference, and I've referred many people to Dr. Wu, including my own sister. There's no question this procedure is worth it for someone like me.

Ellen Zane
President and CEO
Tufts Medical Center

Lawrence Levine, M.D.As an ophthalmologist, I spent several years following developments in refractive surgery. With recent advances in the technology and techniques used, I decided it was finally time to undergo the procedure. However, as an eye surgeon myself, I knew the best outcome would require the best refractive surgeon.

I have many friends and colleagues that perform refractive surgery throughout the United States. However, it is my opinion that Dr. Goldstein is simply the best. I have known Dr. Goldstein and followed his work in refractive surgery for almost a decade. I would trust my vision to no other surgeon. I made the decision to travel to the New England Medical Center from Florida.

The decision was well worth it. The results are far beyond my expectations. My vision without glasses is better than it had ever been with glasses. This has not only made my personal life better, but truly improved my professional career as I continue to operate on my own patients' eyes. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

When choosing to undergo refractive surgery, there are many laser vision centers with comparable technology. The true difference is in the knowledge, skill, compassion, and judgment of the surgeon. Dr. Goldstein is nationally known among ophthalmologist for these qualities. I would have gone anywhere for the best outcome, and my own research as an ophthalmologist lead me to Dr. Goldstein in Boston. I can think of no better recommendation than this.

Lawrence Levine, M.D.
Practicing Ophthalmologist

Jennifer CardellaFrom the time I was a child, I lived an active lifestyle- playing sports, exercising, swimming, and most recently working in a fast-paced hospital setting. The one thing that consistently interfered with my daily life was my eyesight. I have sensitive eyes that became easily irritated from contact lens wear, and my glasses continually slid off my nose and fogged up when I was outdoors. Since undergoing eye surgery with Dr. Wu over a year ago, the changes in my life are indescribable. My vision is greater than 20/20, and everyday activities like driving and watching television are dramatically improved. I don't have to think twice about going to the beach or the gym, and worry that my eyes will get dry and red. It still amazes me when someone questions my ability to read a sign in the distance or see the score of the game, because now it seems so natural to me. I would recommend Dr. Wu and the New England Eye Center in a heartbeat to anyone whose active life is being slowed down by their eyes!!

Jennifer Cardella
Occupational Therapist
Mass General Hospital

Tony AllenDr. Goldstein and his staff are the best, I can't believe how easy the whole process was."This LASIK is great, I went from 20/200 to 20/10! It's a good feeling not having to put on contacts to play Basketball and having the stress about losing them during the game. I would highly recommend Dr. Goldstein to anyone interested in having LASIK. I can't wait to get back on the court next season.

Tony Allen - NBA
Professional Basketball Player

Sean GrandeI've haven't been able to see far away, since I was in the 4th grade. I always wore contacts and it was such a pain when I took them out and couldn't see. I always thought of how incredible it would be if I could just open my eyes and be able to SEE! So, when I heard about LASIK, I was sold. I researched it and felt most comfortable at New England Eye Center because lots of people that I worked with at the Celtics, including the owner, Wyc trusted them and walked away with great results.

I took the plunge and Dr. Goldstein performed my LASIK. He did a great job. Everyone there was super nice and always so friendly. I can honestly say that it was the best thing that I have done, so far. I can see 20/15 now...no contacts, no glasses, no nothing. Now, it's great to be able to actually SEE all the fans in the Garden!

Julie Wetherbee

Sean GrandeI had the same reaction a lot of people do....lasers? On my eyes? My eyes, and my voice, are my livelihood. But I truly had no idea just how easy a procedure LASIK really is. By the time I woke up the next morning, my vision was 20/20. 72 hours later, I was back courtside, calling a game and seeing things better than I ever had. The following week I went back on TV, where I never wore my glasses because of the glare, and I could actually see the monitors, amazing. Someone asked me just the other day what it's like to not wear glasses after twenty years...and I've honestly forgotten. That's how life changing it is. And generously overlooking the fact that he's fan of the Denver Nuggets, Dr. Goldstein is brilliant. It couldn't have gone better.

Sean Grande
"Voice of the Boston Celtics"

Barry ScottI can sum it up easily: I wish this procedure had been performed years ago! It would have saved me from purchasing contacts, expensive solutions and the added time of putting them in and taking them out each day ... not to mention the redness and irritation I always got with contacts. The procedure was fast, easy, painless and required little recovery time. My vision was virtually perfect when it was finished and not needing glasses for nighttime reading or watching TV in bed (where I always found a way to bend the frames or lay on them) was another bonus. Dr. Wu, Dr. Stejna, Bill Sacco and the entire staff at NEEC were so attentive, available 24/7 for questions and always timely and kind during visits. Thanks to all of you for my new pair of eyes! I would recommend the NEEC to anyone who is thinking about getting rid of contacts and glasses forever. Thanks again!

Barry Scott -"The Lost 45s" @ www.lost45.com
America's Largest Music & Interview Library!

Robert ButtsDear Bill,

I want to thank you for my experience at the New England Eye Center. To think that I could have new eyes at no cost, something I never thought possible. But, I was wrong!

I'm a 43 year-old quadriplegic injured in a snow skiing accident in 1992; And, I wear glasses. Because of my disability I can not put glasses on, take them off or adjust them myself. In the spring of 2006 I read of a program in New Mobility Magazine which offered free laser vision correction for quadriplegics. I made the phone call and heard from New England Eye Center. >From that point on my experience was wonderful. An appointment was made for an evaluation with good results and my surgery was scheduled shortly after.

The procedure itself was not painful. After the initial discomfort of the first few days I was amazed at my vision. I could not believe that I could see perfectly without glasses. The staff was great dealing with my inability to move on my own. They went out of their way to acquire equipment, accommodate my wheelchair and transfer me when necessary.

I want to thank Dr. Wu for performing the PRK surgery, Dr. Lee for the pre-and post-eye exams and everyone else at the Eye Center. My vision now is perfect, my life is easier and the memories of my experience will not be forgotten.

Robert Butts

Dr. Goldstein-Left/Wyc Grousbeck Owner & President of Boston Celtics-RightThe LASIK surgery is unbelievable. My Vision is now better than 20/20 in both eyes and I see much better now than I ever did with contact lenses or glasses. The procedure was quick, easy, relatively pain free, and I was back to my full activity level the following day. After wearing contacts lenses and glasses most of my life, all the hassles are now gone! Dr. Goldstein, thank you!

Wyc Grousbeck - Owner & President of Boston Celtics

Kevin WelshI'm really happy with my results, and the doctors and staff at NEEC were really nice and also very helpful. My glasses used to fog up so bad I couldn't wear them to work; wearing a motorcycle helmet used to be a terrible pain; and if I didn't leave my glasses right next to my bed, I couldn't find them the next morning! I now have 20/20 vision, and I'm glad I spent the extra dollars and came to Boston to have it done right.

Kevin Welsh
Maine Lobsterman

Amy WelchAll my fears of LASIK eye surgery were erased once I met with Dr. Wu and the staff at the New England Eye Center. The entire process was very thorough and efficient. I had a wonderful experience and was surrounded by such caring and accommodating professionals. Needless to say, it is a miracle to see 20/20 now without any prescription!

Amy Welch
Tufts Dental Fund and Alumni Relations
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Candice LawrenceI wore glasses or contact lenses for 40 years. In May of 2002, I decided to inquire about LASIK surgery. The people at New England Eye Center were friendly, professional, and very informative. I met with Dr. Goldstein, and after he explained the procedure I made the decision to have the surgery and have been happy ever since. No more looking for my glasses or having my eyes irritated from contacts. This was a wonderful thing I did for myself.

Candice Lawrence

Derek S. HendersonI like to live an active lifestyle. Glasses and contact lenses just got in the way of that, since I was always having to worry about my glasses getting crushed or my contacts falling out or getting torn. Dr. Helen Wu and the Laser Vision Correction Center of Boston came highly recommended to me by a co-worker, so I entrusted my eyes to them. I can now see 20/15, and neither glasses nor contacts will ever slow me down again!

Derek S. Henderson
Administrative Coordinator
Boston University School of Medicine

Brian Burnard I really can't thank Dr. Hu and the New England Eye Center staff enough. From the moment you walk in everyone is extremely helpful and really put you at ease with the decision. Everything in your day to day life changes for the better. You find after iLASIK that you learn to appreciate those simple things in your life that you were missing. I can now read a menu, see the scoreboard at a game, no longer scared to drive at night. I am now 20/15 and have no need to squint at all. If you are considering the procedure I strongly recommend you take a visit to New England Eye Center.

Brian Burnard | Account Executive
Boston Celtics

Jim DavisI've had pretty poor vision since I was about 6 years old. I started out wearing huge glasses and then moved on to contact lenses in middle school. I live a pretty active lifestyle between playing sports, exercising and my long hours at work. My eyes would get irritated from wearing contacts for long periods of time, which would be very uncomfortable. I always dreamed about being able to just wake up in the morning and being able to see instead of having to search for my glasses. I was a little nervous at first about having the LASIK surgery but Dr. Goldstein and his staff were phenomenal. I woke up the next morning and for the first time in 24 years I could see! Since having the surgery this past August I've actually forgotten what it was like to even have to wear contacts and glasses. This is easily the best thing I've ever done for myself and would recommend it to anyone thinking about having LASIK done. Thank you Dr. Goldstein!

Jim Davis | Group Sales Manager
Boston Celtics

Tristan LenhartWhen I found out I needed glasses at the age of 16, I remember being dismayed thinking I would need them the rest of my life. It was a real struggle for me to get used to wearing glasses. I never liked the way I looked in them, and I had been hesitant to get contacts due to the constant cleaning practices and possibility of infection. Now, at 24, I received the iLASIK procedure and I have perfect 20/15 vision. I can see better than I can ever remember. My experience at New England Eye Center was world-class, and I recommend the iLASIK procedure to everyone who is tired of glasses and contacts. Thanks to Dr. Goldstein for this miraculous procedure!

Tristan Lenhart | Corporate Partnerships
Boston Celtics

Frank Burke Each day since I had iLASIK surgery with Dr. Goldstein reveals new ways New England Eye Center has improved my everyday life. After wearing glasses for a majority of my life, the freedom that I now enjoy and the clarity with which I see the world is astounding.

Unable to use contacts, I became dependent on my glasses over the years. Aside from the work of keeping them clean and the constant fog on the lenses from an active lifestyle, breaking or losing them was a significant event. I couldn't function on any level without my glasses. That all changed the day I went to New England Eye Center. Immediately after the procedure I literally couldn't believe my eyes. My vision was restored and I have been better than 20/20 ever since.

The care I was given by the people at NEEC before, during and after the procedure was first class. I was initially nervous about doing anything to my eyes. Like everyone, I valued my vision. However, the more I learned about the process and talked to the professionals at New England Eye Center, the more comfortable and confident I was that this was the right choice for me. It's amazing how something so simple can be so life changing.

Frank Burke | Director-Basketball Administration
Boston Celtics

Jamie YoungI want to thank NEEC for convincing me to have LASIK surgery. It has been life changing. Dr. Hu and the staff were amazing. To have vision of 20/15 today, after 17 years of contacts and glasses, is a dream come true. No more hassles with contacts and glasses, irritated eyes or lost time to put in and take out contacts. I just wake up and go. LASIK has made my job of an NBA Advance Scout much easier. It's amazing how much better it is to watch an NBA game after having the LASIK procedure. I still find it hard to believe how simple and pain free the surgery was. The staff at NEEC was wonderful during the pre and post exams. Thank you Dr. Hu and New England Eye Care Center.

Jamie Young | Advance Scout
Boston Celtics

Louis CatazonoI wish that laser surgery had been available to me many years ago. I have worn glasses or contacts for the past 70 years. Dr. Wu told me I had cataracts and they needed to be removed. She also told me about a better cataract lens available called Crystalens and explained how I would benefit from this surgery. I decided to have it done even at my age of 78. I was not apprehensive about the surgery as my husband and I have great faith in Dr. Wu who has given us wonderful eye care over the years. She is supportive, friendly, and very skilled in this field.

The day of surgery a car picked me and my husband up at our home in Milton at 6am. The staff at the surgery site was set up and prepared for me and even gave my husband a cup of coffee which was most welcome at 6:30am. The surgery was totally painless and immediately after I could see clearly out of my eye. I was given juice, crackers and a set of eye drops with post-op instructions. The driver picked us up and we arrived home at 9:30am. This was quicker than a trip to the dentist.

Now a few months after having surgery on both eyes, I see at 20/20 and do not need reading glasses as I know there are some people who do. I guess with regular cataract surgery it only corrects your distance vision. With the premium lens I got (Crystalens), I can now see near, far and in-between without needing glasses and my cataracts are gone. After my very positive surgery, my husband, who was apprehensive about his own eye problems now is actually looking forward to having surgery on this eyes and to be eyeglass free. I would hope that anyone who is considering eye surgery would have a visit with Dr. Wu before allowing anyone else to perform their operation.

Louise Smith Catanzano
Retired, Former Registrar and International Student Advisor
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy - Tufts University

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