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3 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Save for LASIK


LASIK has helped millions of people achieve great eyesight, permanently making their lives more enjoyable and their experiences more memorable. You can even read about some of our patients’ personal LASIK testimonials. One thing about LASIK that can turn people away is the intimidating price tag. While LASIK can be very cost-effective long term, at… Read More

LASIK and Dry Eye: What You Need to Know

Itchy Dry Eyes

LASIK has been a miracle for many people, but it’s not a perfect process. It is, after all, surgery. In order to improve your eyesight permanently, you will need to go through the recovery process. One of the most common side effects of LASIK is the post-LASIK dry eyes. Luckily the problem is usually short-lived…. Read More

Cataract Self-Test
LASIK Self-Test