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Read The Fine Print – Corneal Inlays Are Here!

Have you hit that unmistakable age that marks a turning point in your up-close vision? Yes, I am talking about the dreaded readers. If so, how long have you been waiting for an alternative to get rid of your reading glasses? Probably since that exact moment when your arms became too short and holding the… Read More

World Sight Day

October 13, 2016 was “World Sight Day.” It was a reminder for all of us to take care of our precious eyes. Many people believe an eye exam is for someone who needs glasses. Some people only go to the eye doctor when they have an eye infection. But, the fact is, as we age,… Read More

Oh My Dry Eyes, They Cry All The Time!

Dry Eye, My Eyes Cry You might think it strange to be diagnosed with “dry eye” when your eyes water all the time, but watery eyes can be a symptom of chronic dry eye. Other symptoms could include: Stinging Irritation Burning Redness Blurry vision Feeling like something is in your eye And the list continues!… Read More

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