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Affordable LASIK

Have you ever wondered what the expenditure of your contact lenses, glasses and contact lens solution will cost you over time? Probably not. But combined with doctor visits, prescriptions, possible eye infections and complications due to long term wear of contact lenses, the investment over a lifetime can be very costly. It’s probably beyond your… Read More

Astigmatism Correction Now Available At New England Eye Center

If you have been considering vision correction and were told your astigmatism was not treatable with LASIK, New England Eye Center has fantastic news for you. Not only can we treat Astigmatism, Director of Refractive Surgery Helen K. Wu, M.D. of New England Eye Center, offers the most advanced procedures available to treat a variety… Read More

Protect Your Eyes! September Is Sports Eye Safety Month!

According to “Prevent Blindness,” regardless of age, sports-related eye injuries occur most frequently in water sports, basketball, baseball and softball. The good news is that many of these injuries can be prevented by protecting your eyes with face guards and eye guards. Faceguards and sports eye guards can prevent minor injuries from corneal scratches up… Read More

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