Brian's Initial Screening For Visian ICL

Created on: Thursday, March 03, 2016

Read about Brian's experience during the vision correction screening process in Boston!

Brian, what made your experience during the screening process helpful as a patient?
“The technician who I was paired up with was fantastic!  She really made my experience that much better.  I was already blown away at the technology the Eye Center was using for the testing, but then the technician explained what the tests were for, what they measured and this explanation made me realize that I was meeting with a higher level of expertise and that if I decided to move forward with corrective lens surgery, Dr. Wu from New England Eye Center is who I would want to do it with.”
What was your impression of our staff at the first visit-the screening?
“As I mentioned previously, the technician I had was excellent.  Then I met with the optometrist, Dr. Stejna, and the surgeon, Dr. Wu and I knew I had made the right decision about coming to New England Eye Center for my pre-screening visit.  I felt Dr. Wu's experience with my extreme nearsightedness made me realize that the advice I was getting was truthful, honest and came from a place of knowledge and not just trying to sell me on a procedure.  She went over all pros and cons with Lasik and Visian and took the time to answer any questions/concerns I may have about both procedure and about corrective lens surgery in general.  It's Dr. Wu's knowledge, experience and honesty that made me realize that I was getting the best advice I could get and that whatever she was recommending would be the best for my individual situation and not a one size fits all solution.”
Say tuned to learn more about Brian's journey as a Visian ICL Patient!
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