Let\'s Celebrate! My First Eye Results After Having Visian ICL-Brian\'s Story!

Let's Celebrate! My First Eye Results After Having Visian ICL-Brian's Story!

Created on: Monday, June 20, 2016
Author: New England Eye Center

Read what Brian Blaquiere had to say about his Visian ICL surgery with Helen Wu, MD!

"In my last blog post I was getting ready for my corrective lens surgery. Now it has been one week since I had the Visian ICL lens was placed in my left eye and I wouldn't have believed the results if I hadn't seen it (pun intended). Today I had my post op appointment and I am already seeing 20/15! That is better than my right eye with my contact in. I am speechless. I was told that with corrective lens surgery it is typical to have 20/40 for a few weeks as your eyes adjust to the change so to already be seeing at 20/15 after one week is incredible. I give all the credit to my doctors and surgeon. Dr. Jessica Stejna, the optometrist at New England Eye Center, Dr. Thurm, my original eye doctor who sent me to Dr. Wu and Dr. Helen K Wu, my surgeon, who is the Director of Refractive Surgery at New England Eye Center affiliated with Tufts School of Medicine in Boston. And I can't forget to comment on her great staff! I Now I understand why the people who work for Dr. Wu said she is the best and the surgeon who other surgeon's trust with their eyes!

Next week I have scheduled my right eye and after 24 years of wearing glasses and/or contacts I will wake up the next morning able to see. I'll let you all know how it goes. Wish me luck!"

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