4 Reasons The PanOptix Trifocal Lens Is The Right IOL For You

Before you can have cataract surgery, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is what kind of IOL to get. An IOL, or intraocular lens, is an artificial lens that replaces your natural lens after it’s removed during cataract surgery.

IOLs come in a wide variety of different designs, so it may feel overwhelming to have to pick one. But one good way to start is to look at one of the newest and revolutionary lenses available, the PanOptix trifocal lens.

Keep reading for 4 reasons why the PanOptix trifocal lens may be the right IOL for you!

1. You Want To Get the Most Out of Having Cataract Surgery

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The goal of cataract surgery is to remove cataracts that have formed on the natural lens of the eye. When a cataract surgeon does this, you get your clear vision back.

A crucial component of cataract surgery is that the natural lens is completely removed. The natural lens is then replaced with an artificial lens.

This can be a standard monofocal lens, which will provide you with decent vision, but you’ll still need to wear glasses after cataract surgery. Or it could be one of the many premium intraocular lens options that are available.

If you want to get the most out of cataract surgery, including reducing your dependence on glasses, the trifocal lens makes sense. The PanOptix trifocal IOL gives you clear vision at all distances, including up-close, far away, and in between.

How The PanOptix Trifocal IOL Works

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The lens has three sections, which makes it very similar to a pair of trifocal glasses. Each section of the intraocular lens is set is for a different distance.

Once is for far distance, one is for seeing things up-close, and one is set for intermediate distances. Choosing this IOL trains your eye to look through the right part of the lens depending on what you’re looking at.

The trifocal IOL helps you get the most out of having cataract surgery without sacrificing your middle or near vision. With other premium IOLs, you may be able to see well up-close or far away, but intermediate vision is often sacrificed.

Instead, with the PanOptix trifocal lens, you’ll be able to see up close, and you can reduce your dependence on reading glasses. But you’ll also be able to see objects well that are at an intermediate distance.

This is especially convenient if you’re completing tasks like putting on makeup or shaving in the morning. The trifocal lens gives you the best of all worlds!

2. You Use Electronics Frequently for Work or Pleasure

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Before the trifocal IOL, eye doctors recommended monofocal IOLs for patients that used electronics regularly. This is because other premium lenses enhance a patient’s near vision.

Although patients didn’t mean to, many would sit too close to their screens after getting these IOLs.

But with the PanOptix trifocal lens, you can see screens clearly while sitting a safe distance away. Whether you spend a lot of time on the computer for work or pleasure, the trifocal IOL may be a good lens to consider.

You’ll be able to see clearly, no matter what distance you’re at. The PanOptix trifocal lens also allows you to see with clarity and sharpness like never before.

Another advantage is that you can see well in any lighting situation. This includes bright and dim lighting, which may have both been problems when you had cataracts. The IOL even corrects your vision, reducing your dependence on wearing glasses after cataract surgery.

3. You Like Being Active

The trifocal IOL is great for anyone who spends a lot of time using digital devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be right for you if you like being active.

It’s quite the opposite, in fact! If you’re someone that likes spending time outdoors and doing things like playing golf, sailing, or going for hikes, it’s a fantastic option.

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Because the trifocal IOL can reduce the need for wearing glasses, it’ll be easier to get around. You’ll also be able to see well at all distances. While the trifocal lens gives patients sharp and clear intermediate and close-up vision, it also provides excellent distance vision.

You’ll be able to look at the beautiful scenery on a hike without worrying about losing your glasses! You’ll have high-definition vision, meaning everything will look more vivid and brighter around you.

No matter what you’re looking at, it’ll be effortless, since there are no blurry zones with the PanOptix trifocal IOL. That means you’ll never have to strain to focus on the things that you want to see on the golf course.

4. You Have Presbyopia or Astigmatism

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The PanOptix trifocal lens is perfect for adults with presbyopia. Presbyopia occurs when the lens becomes less flexible due to aging.

As the lens loses its flexibility, it becomes more difficult to focus on things that are right in front of you. Many patients with cataracts also struggle with presbyopia at the same time.

The PanOptix trifocal lens addresses both presbyopia and cataracts. By correcting both, the trifocal lens improves your overall vision and your quality of life. For patients with astigmatism, the PanOptix trifocal IOL also comes in a toric model.

What are toric lenses? A toric lens is an IOL designed to correct astigmatism. The way it’s made and placed in the eye compensates for the irregular shape of the eye that causes astigmatism.

But many people with astigmatism also have presbyopia and want to get the most out of cataract surgery. This is where the PanOptix trifocal lens in a toric model comes in. It provides you all the benefits of the trifocal lens while also correcting mild astigmatism.

The bottom line? The trifocal IOL is one of the most revolutionary premium IOLs that’s currently available. Most patients who choose the PanOptix trifocal lens are extremely satisfied and would recommend it to friends and family.

Choosing an IOL can be tough, but it’s not hard to see that the trifocal IOL is a versatile lens that could be perfect for you!

Wondering if the PanOptix trifocal lens could be right for you? Schedule a cataract screening at New England Eye Center in Boston, MA to learn more about this premium lens!

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