4 Reasons You Could Be A Good LASIK Candidate

Young couple smiling after LASIKLASIK surgery can be a huge improvement in your life. Imagine not having to use glasses or contacts to see anymore, and having the freedom of perfect vision. However, before you consider LASIK, you should know that not everyone is qualified. Many people are, and if you aren’t, there are available alternatives. Here are a few things that make you a good candidate for LASIK.

You Are In Good Health

It’s important that you have good physical health in order to undergo LASIK surgery. If you have an autoimmune disease such as arthritis or diabetes, this may affect how your eyes heal after surgery. It is possible to have LASIK if you have an autoimmune disease if you are in stable condition and your doctor approves, but you should still be careful. In addition, some medications interfere with recovery after LASIK, so if you are on one of these medications and you can’t be off of them for a week or two, you may not be a good candidate for LASIK. Be sure to consult both your eye doctor as well as your primary physician when you are considering getting LASIK.

Your Vision Has Been Stable For At Least A Year

Obviously it wouldn’t be a good idea to get LASIK while your prescription is still changing— you wouldn’t want to go through the surgery only for your prescription to change and necessitate getting glasses again. Because of this, you should make sure your prescription has been the same for at least a year. This is a good indication that it is not likely to change soon, so your LASIK surgery can be as effective as possible. When you have a stable vision, LASIK just makes much more sense!

You Have Thick Corneas

This is something you may or may not know already about yourself, but if you consider LASIK, your doctor will measure the thickness of your corneas. It’s vital to have corneas that are thick enough for your doctor to be able to make a flap on them and also shape your eyes to your prescription while leaving enough tissue left over. If your corneas are too thin, you may not have enough corneal vision once the surgery is complete, and this can have the effect of warping your vision rather than correcting it.

Your Prescription Is Not Very High

If you have a strong prescription, LASIK may not be right for you. There is a limit to how much of your cornea can be shaped to your prescription safely. The best candidates for LASIK are those who are mildly nearsighted— this is the easiest to correct for, and may also mean a good price on your surgery. Most bargain prices you see advertised are for correcting slight nearsightedness.

Still unsure? Contact New England Eye Center today to learn more and see if you’re qualified for LASIK. Even if you aren’t considered a good candidate for LASIK, our center offers alternatives to LASIK like Visian ICL. Make an appointment today!

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