Advantages Of Wavefront-Guided LASIK

Happy CoupleLASIK surgery is a common procedure that can change your life with the gift of visual freedom. Anyone with glasses or contacts has probably considered LASIK.

Did you know that there are multiple LASIK procedures? If you are not a good candidate for one kind of LASIK, you may be a better candidate for custom LASIK. Custom LASIK, also known as custom wavefront LASIK, is a premium procedure. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of Wavefront-Guided LASIK!

Wavefront Technology

The main tool in custom LASIK is called Wavefront technology. Wavefront technology uses waves of light to determine how the light hits the retina. The wavefront technology allows your doctor to create a detailed map of your eye.

Each map is unique and one of a kind, like your eyes! This map of your eye allows precise laser programming during the procedure. Traditional LASIK uses imaging technology and your standard prescription. When the eye is reshaped during traditional LASIK, your vision is corrected to your prescription. With custom LASIK, reshaping is more precise and tailored to the unique contours of your eye.

More Precise Measurements

In traditional LASIK, your doctor uses your glasses prescription when reshaping the cornea. Unfortunately, your prescription for glasses is not unique.

When you get traditional LASIK, your vision is only corrected to your prescription. With wavefront technology, the map of your eye is highly detailed. This allows your LASIK surgeon to determine your unique prescription. This prescription is one of a kind for only your eyes!

More Accurate Surgery

Thanks to the detailed map of your eye, your surgeon is able to perform custom LASIK more accurately. LASIK uses programmed lasers to shape your eye according to your prescription.

With custom LASIK, the laser is programmed with the detailed map of your eye. The map then determines how waves of light hit the retina. With this higher accuracy, patients who undergo custom LASIK experience better vision correction!

Better Outcomes

When patients get LASIK, the outcome is almost always good. After all, LASIK has a 96% success rate! With custom LASIK, if you are considered a good candidate, you will achieve 20/20 vision, if not better! Over 70% of patients who get custom LASIK achieve better than 20/20 vision.

Because it is premium, custom LASIK is more expensive than traditional LASIK. Custom LASIK is the best vision correction option available! When it comes to your vision, don’t you only want the best? Thanks to wavefront technology, you can have it with custom LASIK!

Another advantage of custom LASIK is it’s available to more candidates. If you have not qualified as a candidate for traditional LASIK, you may qualify for custom LASIK! Custom LASIK can be a good option if your corneas weren’t quite thick enough, or you suffer from dry eye.

Want to learn more about LASIK and custom wavefront LASIK? Contact New England Eye Center today to make an appointment at one of our many locations! It’s time to begin your vision freedom journey!

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