Affordable LASIK

Have you ever wondered what the expenditure of your contact lenses, glasses and contact lens solution will cost you over time? Probably not. But combined with doctor visits, prescriptions, possible eye infections and complications due to long term wear of contact lenses, the investment over a lifetime can be very costly. It’s probably beyond your actual LASIK or PRK budget!

Many young people in Boston who wear contact lenses and glasses may think LASIK, PRK or Visian ICL© is not an affordable vision correction option for them at this point in their life. But consider the long term investment and value. Dependent upon the procedure you choose, vision correction can last a lifetime, where contact lenses and glasses are only a temporary visual solution. At the end of the day when you remove your contact lenses, you remain visually vulnerable. While vision correction may not be the solution for everyone, LASIK, PRK and Visian ICL may offer the visual independence you have been looking for at an affordable price. You can actually calculate the costs of long term contact lens use versus LASIK on several websites. Click here to calculate.

Dr. Wu’s refractive surgery team at New England Eye Center understands costs considerations and have put in place affordable payment plan options for any patients considering “self-pay” procedures. Additionally, screenings to see if you are a candidate are free! Click here to contact the LASIK and Advanced Laser Cataract Center at New England Eye Center and start the process to determine your candidacy.

And if you are still comfortable in your glasses and contact lenses, don’t forget to schedule your annual eye exams. New England Eye Center has a complete Optometric Clinic with Optometric Physicians who specialize in contact lens fittings, dry eye, and more. visit to learn more about our services.

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