As Summer Approaches, Is It Time to Ditch Your Glasses?

Young woman celebrating after LASIKThere’s no doubt that glasses are a big problem. They are uncomfortable, you may not like how they look, and it can be a huge hassle to deal with if they are broken. Even if you try to get around their appearance by using contacts, you have to deal with a whole other set of issues!

This is true all year round, but during summer it can be an extra pain in the neck. Summer is usually the time you’re supposed to look forward to, with picnics, outdoor activities, and campfires with friends. Being forced to wear glasses or contacts just to see can make anyone’s sunny sky become filled with rain clouds. So what’s the solution?

How LASIK Can Boost Your Summer Game

Getting LASIK may just be the best decision you’ll make this spring because it will open up the door to a whole new lifestyle you only imagined possible. Here are a few examples of ways most people enjoy their freedom from glasses in the summer.

Going to the beach is way easier. Unless you have never even heard of a beach, you probably know just how much sand there is at one. In fact, the soft, white sand is one of the best parts of going to the beach. However, if you wear glasses or contacts, it can really ruin the fun. The gritty sand gets just about everywhere and can really do a number on your lenses if you aren’t on the lookout constantly, and nothing says “good times” like stressing about your glasses, right? Take one more major thing to worry about off of your mind with LASIK.

Playing more competitively becomes a reality. There’s nothing wrong with going outside on a nice afternoon and throwing around a football with your friends, but sometimes you want something more involved. Sometimes you really want to dig into a game and show off your skills as an athlete while you compete for bragging rights. It can be difficult to secure that W, however, if you lose a contact every time you get slide tackled while playing soccer. No one wants to be that person that stops the whole game to comb through the grass before someone steps on the missing lens. LASIK will give you the edge you need to play your favorite sport or do your favorite activity to the absolute best of your ability,

Traveling becomes a lot less scary. For many people, summer is the perfect time to travel. Going on a trip is much more rewarding when the weather is nice. Taking a break from work after being trapped inside during the winter can really give you the recharge that you need. However, one of the worst-case scenarios when going on vacation is getting to your destination only to realize – *gasp* – you somehow lost your glasses! Don’t risk wasting your precious time and get the peace of mind you deserve. Set up a consultation today to find out how to get started with LASIK!

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