Astigmatism Correction Now Available At New England Eye Center

If you have been considering vision correction and were told your astigmatism was not treatable with LASIK, New England Eye Center has fantastic news for you. Not only can we treat Astigmatism, Director of Refractive Surgery Helen K. Wu, M.D. of New England Eye Center, offers the most advanced procedures available to treat a variety of vision correction disorders.

If left uncorrected Astigmatism can cause eye strain, headaches and difficulties in everyday tasks from reading and working to outdoor activities. While there are glasses and contact lenses on the market to effectively correct astigmatism, it is important that you know your options. Glasses are your safest alternative, but many people cannot get the clear vision they desire or need for everyday living. Contact lenses, worn and cared for properly, are a wonderful alternative to glasses. However, contact lenses are not without risks, and are not well tolerated by everyone. Patients can experience underlying dry eye, reaction to contact lens solutions, corneal inflammation or infections due to contact lens wear. For these patients, contact lenses are no longer an option and eye glasses do not allow for functioning at the highest level.

The good news is astigmatism can be easily corrected. Custom LASIK and PRK are available not only for near and far sightedness, but for the correction of astigmatism . And, for cataract patients, astigmatism can be treated with incisions made during cataract surgery, or with the implantation of advanced lens technology. For patients with a cataract, intraocular lenses are available that offer improved freedom from glasses at distance, intermediate, and near vision. These include the Crystalens accommodating lens, as well as the Restor and Tecnis multifocal lenses. For our cataract patients with astigmatism, Toric intraocular lenses can be implanted to neutralize astigmatism.

To learn about all the procedures available at New England Eye Center with Dr. Helen Wu, click here. Call 1-617-636-7800 or visit us at to book a complimentary screening or request an informational package.

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