August is National Immunization Month!

Let’s talk about vaccines. These are not just for kids anymore! People of all ages now have access to shots that will protect them from serious diseases. We encourage you, your family and friends to learn more about vaccines that are currently available in Boston. Speak to your primary care physician to see what vaccines pertain to you. If you are involved in community events-August is an excellent time to bring the immunization topic to your community. Reach out to your local pharmacist or healthcare providers to speak about vaccines – what is available, what might be covered under different health care plans, what vaccines are appropriate for teenagers versus seniors, etc.


  • Keep a copy of your vaccines in a safe place
  • Traveling this summer? Stay safe and find out if you need additional shots.
  • Did you know? Adults age 65 and older need shots to prevent pneumonia and other serious diseases.
Cataract Self-Test
LASIK Self-Test