Brian’s Vacation Before Visian ICL-goggles and contacts!

“This past school vacation I took the family to Florida to visit my parents. I look forward to this trip every year because it is a very low key trip which consists mostly of mornings at the beach and afternoons at the pool. The one thing my kids and I love to do is to swim. We can stay in the water for hours. It is also one of the reasons I chose to have the Visian ICL corrective lens surgery in Boston with Dr. Helen Wu.

Right now my choice is to take off my glasses and be completely blind while swimming (honestly, when I say blind I mean I see blurry colors, not shapes) or to wear my contacts with or without goggles. All of the vision options are not great. With the first option, I can’t even see to be able to play with the kids essentially making it no fun. With the second option if I don’t wear contacts I have to keep all water out of my eyes which consists of me wiping water away every 5 seconds while trying to tread water and when water does get in (because it always does) my contact floats to the top of my eye and gets stuck there for a few minutes. Again, not fun. The goggles solution is the best, but again not ideal. First, I am back to being “that guy” who has to be different and stands out from everyone else and second, they fog up every minute and you have to clear them constantly (yes, I have the “anti-fog” goggles also but they ALL still fog). So you get the idea, swimming when you can’t see without corrective lenses is a pain. Which leads me to one of the best parts of the trip…

As I am playing with the kids in the pool with my goggles on, I realize this will be the last time I will have to wear these to protect my contacts. The last time I have to worry about water in my eyes while swimming and the last time I have to remind myself to not open my eyes underwater without my goggles on. Pretty great. Needless to say, I am looking forward to my surgery this month at New England Eye Center with Dr. Wu. By the time I write my next blog post-surgery, my left eye should be complete. Cheers.”

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