Common Vision Correction Myths

EyeMany of you are probably quite familiar by now with how effective laser eye surgery is. You’re no doubt heard of LASIK and perhaps other laser vision correction options, though you may wonder what they involve exactly. You may also have some misinformation where these laser vision correction options are concerned. The team at our Boston LASIK surgery center would like to take a few minutes to address some common myths about LASIK and other laser vision correction options.

Myth One: LASIK is Not Actually Surgery

While LASIK is not that invasive and you will not be under general anesthesia during the treatment, it certainly is a surgery. The procedure will involve alterations to the cornea of your eye, and numbing eyedrops will be used will be used to reduce any potential discomfort.

Myth Two: Major Side Effects and Complications Occur Frequently After LASIK

LASIK is a generally safe procedure, and while some people may experience some issues with haloes and night vision, major complications are not common.

Myth Three: Anyone Can Undergo LASIK Surgery

While plenty of people can benefit from LASIK surgery, not everyone is a candidate for LASIK. Certain corneal conditions may require a patient to undergo Boston PRK or some other vision correction option. In addition, pregnancy, unstable prescription, and other health issues can prevent someone from undergoing any sort of laser eye surgery.

Myth Four: You Will Never Need Glasses After LASIK Surgery

LASIK will reduce your dependence on prescription lenses, but some patients will still require some prescription lenses in order to improve their vision and to perform some sorts of tasks, such as reading.

Myth Five: LASIK is New and None of the Long-Term Effects Are Known

LASIK has actually been in existence since the 1980s and was widely performed in the United States beginning in the mid-1990s. While relatively new, there has been quite a bit of research concerning the long-term effects on eye health and new positive findings continue to come in everyday.

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