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Is my Doctor Right For Me?

Just as you have options in vision correction, you have options in your choice of physicians. How do you know how to choose who is best for you? We have some tips. First and foremost, everyone needs a primary care physician.Make sure you feel you can trust your primary as they will help you make many important health decisions.

In your search, keep in mind that Tufts Medical Center has primary care physicians available in its Boston, Quincy and Framingham locations. You will also find many outstanding specialist in Boston.

Questions to ask yourself when making your decision:

  • Does my doctor and staff treat me with respect?
  • Does this person listen to my opinions and concerns?
  • Does the physician encourage me to ask questions?
  • Does the staff and provider(s) answer questions in a manner which I can understand? Or, do they talk over me and leave me feeling confused, inadequate and uncomfortable?


  • You can “Google” the specialty of your choice and you will find a variety of health care providers close to you, however REMEMBER, just because it is on the internet, does not mean it is true or MOST IMPORTANTLY, up to date.
  • Keep in mind to get recommendations from people you know and trust.
  • Check with your insurance company.
  • Once you have someone in mind, call the office and ask questions.

Check for:

  • First available appointments?
  • Flexible appointments-nights and weekends?
  • Multiple locations?
  • How the staff made you feel when you called them.

Once you have had your appointment review this list again. How do you feel about your choice? And don’t forget, March is “Save your Vision” month so feel free to call New England Eye Center at 1-617-636-7800 and review our physician specialties. Then, save your vision and make an appointment!

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“Am I a Candidate?”

Step 1- Diagnosis
If you have been told you have a condition called Keratoconus,which is a progressive eye disease in which the cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone like shape, you may be a candidate for Intacs and or Cross Linking.

Step 2-Options
Call our center at 1-617-636-1055 to learn about your options. Dr. Wu is one of the few Cornea Specialists currently certified in New England to perform the Intacs procedure. The FDA granted Intacs a humanitarian device exemption for the use in the treatment of keratoconus because of its safety record and because only a few other treatment options are available for Kerataconus.

Step 3- Make An Appointment
You can simply call 1-617-636-1055 and speak to a counselor. It’s that easy. Or, simply go on line and complete our self test. When you are ready, schedule a complimentary screening or vision consultation. If you or a friend have been told you are not a candidate for vision correction due to Kerataconus, there still may be options for you.

Cataract Self-Test
LASIK Self-Test