Glasses since 1st Grade-Brian’s Story

Brian’s story is not unlike many of the stories we hear from patients who live in Boston and have had Dr. Helen Wu perform their vision correction procedure. But we are so lucky he is sharing his story! We hope his story helps you decide if vision correction is right for you!

“Ever since I was young I have wanted to live a life that was not dependent on some form of corrective lenses. I have had glasses since the first grade. And back when I was in first grade was LONG before wearing glasses was “cool” or glasses looked as fun and trendy as they do now. This was the early 80’s and my glasses frames were thick brown plastic with lenses the size of hubcaps. Needless to say, glasses did not help my self-esteem.

When I turned 13 I got contact lenses and my life changed for the better. But even though I have worn contacts for over 25 years I have always wanted to wake up and just see clearly without reaching for my glasses.

In September of 2015 I was taking my kids to the eye doctors and the Dr. they were seeing mentioned if I ever looked into getting Lasik. I told him I had a couple of times but my eyes were always too near-sighted to get the surgery. That was when he told me about Visian ICL and a doctor he has known for a long time, Dr. Wu. After hearing there was another possible solution I decided to make an appointment and see if there was now a solution for me.”

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