How to Avoid Eye Infections

The eye is an intricate organ full of many complicated parts that work in harmony with each other. In general, the eye is quite good about fending off most pathogens, but eye infections are still a possibility that need to be considered. The team here at our Boston LASIK surgery center want to take a brief moment to address the issue of eye infections and let you know just what these are and how they can be avoided. By learning this info, you can prevent mishaps and discomfort in the future.

Eye infections can be either viral in nature or bacterial in nature. One kind of bacterial eye infection you have probably heard of is conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Another common eye infection that you have probably heard of is a stye, which affects the small oil glands around the base of the eyelashes. In general, the symptoms of eye infections will include redness of the eyes, itchiness or irritation around the eyes, teary eyes, or a burning sensation in the eyes.

In order to avoid getting an eye infection, a certain amount of common sense and general cleanliness is advisable. Be sure to wash your hand or that your hands are clean before you touch the area around your eyes. This will help remove any bacteria and dirt on your hands that may cause an infection. Don’t share your contact lens solution, contact lens containers, contact lenses, eye medicine, or eye makeup with others. Wear safety goggles or other forms of protective eyewear when working with harmful substances.

If you’ve just had an eye infection, be sure to discard of your eye makeup and to replace any contact lenses, contact lens container, and contact lens solution you had previously. This will help prevent a repeat infection.

There are more issues for you to consider when it comes to eye health and vision care. If you want to learn about Boston custom LASIK as well as other topics related to the health of your eyes, we encourage you to contact our Boston laser eye surgery office to schedule a consultation.

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