Is Surgery The Only Way To Treat Cataracts?

Woman smiling after Cataract SurgeryCataracts are a common eye condition. Almost everyone who lives to a certain age will get a cataract at some point.

As we age, the crystalline lens in our eyes naturally becomes more and more cloudy over time.

This is what causes age-related cataracts. It is possible to develop cataracts at a younger age. Cataracts do not develop overnight. It takes time for a cataract to develop and ripen.

Before this point, it could be years before a cataract needs to be removed. Cataracts only need removal when they are impeding your vision.

When this happens, your eye doctor will recommend cataract surgery.

But is there an alternative method to treat cataracts? Unfortunately, at the moment, there is not. But cataract surgery is not as invasive as you may fear. Keep reading to learn more!


Cataracts can happen to anyone at any age, but most often they occur as we get older. The lens in the eye that sits under the iris is made of water and protein.

Over time, the proteins in the lens cluster together and harden. This is what causes the lens to become cloudy. As of right now, there is no way to reverse cataracts. The only way that a cataract can be treated permanently is with cataract surgery.

Before a cataract has developed, you may be able to see using glasses or a magnifying glass. You will need cataract surgery to remove your cataracts when they become advanced.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a procedure used to remove your cataracts. The only way to remove a cataract is by breaking up the lens.

After the lens has broke, the pieces get removed. You will then have an artificial lens put in its place. This artificial lens is an IOL.

IOLs give you back the ability to see at a distance. Your vision with an IOL is clear and clean. There are many different types of IOLs to choose from.

Make sure to choose one that’s best for your lifestyle! For now, there is no other way to treat cataracts. There could be a different answer someday soon!

Future Innovations

The dream is to one day be able to treat cataracts without surgery. While cataract surgery is minimally invasive, avoiding surgery is the best outcome.

The scientist have been working on eye drops that may be able to dissolve certain types of cataracts. They have discovered a compound that improved vision for those with congenital cataracts.

They have also discovered a compound that has partially dissolved cataracts for mice. It’s important to note that these compounds still need further testing.

Still, the research is promising. One day we could be able to treat cataracts by taking a few eye drops! For now, we’ll have to rely on cataract surgery.

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