4 Fall Activities You’ll Enjoy More After LASIK

Young woman smiling after LASIK

Finally, fall is here! No matter what your favorite time of year is, you can’t deny that fall has plenty of fun activities!

Whether you’re a fan of pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween, you could be getting even more out of the season.

How? LASIK! Not only is cooler weather the perfect time to get LASIK but having a clearer vision makes it better. Keep reading for four activities that are better after LASIK!

1. Watching the Leaves Change on a Nature Hike

Hiking in the summer can be fun, but let’s face it, sometimes it’s too hot to really get much out of it.

There’s nothing more refreshing than nice, crisp fall air when you go on a hike. It’s also a good time to enjoy the scenery as the leaves change color.

But blustery days and contacts don’t mix well. Wind can dry out your eyes even quicker when you’re wearing contacts, not to mention you can get debris in your eyes.

Glasses aren’t always much better because they make it hard to wear hats and scarves. Plus, don’t forget how frustrating they become when they fog up every time you breathe!

With LASIK, you can enjoy nature naturally and do away with pesky glasses and contacts.

2. Baking Fall Treats

Baking is a classic fall pastime. Pumpkins and apples are in season,. It’s all perfect for baking pies, cakes, cookies, and all kinds of delicious desserts.

It can be fun to spend a day baking with your family, or even on your own. But when you’re helping out your little ones or trying to balance several tasks at once, it’s easy to get a little messy.

Being messy is always harder with glasses that can fog up or get better on them. Spices that make your eyes water also can be worse with contacts.

That’s no good when you want to cook using all the classic fall flavors. When you bake after LASIK, you’ll find that the whole process is so much easier, letting you focus on the baking.

3. Gathering Around A Cozy Fireplace

Have a fireplace in your home? There’s nothing better than a toasty fire on a cold evening.

There’s no need to wait until winter to enjoy your fireplace. In fact, getting it set up now and making sure you have firewood on hand will ensure you can have a lit fireplace through fall and winter.

But lighting a fireplace needs to be done carefully, so you want to be able to see what you’re doing. Foggy glasses can be a pain here, as can contacts when you expose them to smoke.

Nobody wants to deal with eyes that water for several minutes and then potentially losing a contact lens! With LASIK, you can make your fires safely and cuddle up for the evening with the whole family.

4. Spooky Halloween Fun

Fall isn’t complete without Halloween! You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy wearing a costume and celebrating the spookiest time of year.

Glasses can be hard to incorporate into costumes. Contacts can be tricky, too, and what if you want to wear colored contacts?

Have your best costume ever once you have LASIK. Be sure to get your colored contacts from your eye doctor rather than buying online!

Convinced that LASIK could be the procedure for you? Find out if you’re a good candidate for it by scheduling a LASIK consultation at New England Eye Center in Boston, MA!

If you want to see fall with new eyes, why not take the time to find out if clear vision could be yours thanks to LASIK?

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