LASIK Side Effects

Many people who have wanted to reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses have undergone LASIK surgery in order to improve their vision. LASIK is quite safe and effective and has allowed many people to achieve vision that is quite excellent. With that in mind, there are some side effects that some people may experience following LASIK surgery. The team at our Boston LASIK surgery office would like to take a few minutes to go over some of these side effects just so prospective patients know what they may experience afterwards.

Glare and Haloes

This is a side effect that a few people mention following LASIK. These sorts of light haloes that form around objects will usually fade away in about a month’s time. If the haloes persist after that, additional treatments can be performed as needed to address these matters.

Light Sensitivity

In the days immediately after LASIK, many patients will notice an increased sensitivity to light. This is nothing major to worry about. In general, the light sensitivity will fade in a few days.

Dry Eye

This is one of the more common side effects after LASIK surgery (and another reason why people with dry eye issues may not be good candidate for LASIK). Itchiness of the eyes and redness and some amount of crusting may occur. This should subside a few months after surgery, however, and can be remedied with eye drops as needed. (Be sure to discuss which drops to use with your surgeon.)

Contrast Issues

In some situations, especially low light situations, a LASIK patient may experience some trouble distinguishing between objects. This is especially critical when it comes to your night vision. In most cases, this contrast issue diminishes in the months following LASIK surgery.

For more information on LASIK surgery as alternatives to LASIK such as Boston PRK, you need to schedule a consultation. We’ll be bale to answer your questions in much greater depth and detail. To learn more about laser vision correction and eye care, contact our Boston cosmetic dentistry office today.

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