Life With an Implantable Contact Lens

If you have worn glasses and contact lenses most of your life, you have probably grown accustomed to simply being visually handicapped. You may not even remember what it was like to see without some type of visual aid. So, if someone told you there was a procedure available in Boston, other than LASIK, that would allow you to see clearly without depending on those visual aids, would you consider having it? What if we told you there is such a procedure and the benefits are not simply better vision? What if we told you this procedure has been endorsed by the military and over 500,000 thousand people have already been treated with this technology? Learn more about the Visian Visian ICL through real-life patient stories and then call New England Eye Center in Boston and schedule a complimentary screening to find out if you qualify for this procedure. It’s one phone call that could change how you see your world. Eliminate the barriers and limitations that contact lenses and glasses bring and see the world more clearly with the Visian ICL. Read Brian’s Story.

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