“Naked and Afraid” Paolo Di Girolamo talks about his new vision!

“Since having PRK my world has literally come into focus. I cannot believe it has already been a year since Dr. Wu and the rest of the team at NEEC performed the painless procedure.”

Not needing my glasses or contacts has enabled me to travel and work worry-free. As a stonemason, I work in a very dusty environment and often have to wear safety glasses. No longer having to deal with contacts drying out or goggles not fitting over my glasses frames means I can properly wear my safety equipment and focus on the job at hand. I was also able to travel to Italy and visit family without troubling myself with packing extra contacts, saline, cases, cleaners, etc. It was an amazing experience and simply being able to wake up, throw on sunglasses and walk out the door made for a worry-free trip.

The simple notion that a procedure lasting less than one minute has positively affected my life so much still makes me smile. On early morning runs when the sun is just cresting over the Blue Hills, fun days at the beach opening my eyes underwater without hesitation, or simply watching a late-night movie with my girlfriend, not having to worry that my vision will take away from the fun at hand makes it easy to see why I went to NEEC.

Thank you!


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