New England Eye Center Offers Military Assistance Program

New EnglandEye CenterOffers Military Assistance Program

Soldiers get chance for better vision through LASIK program


Boston, MA. (February 19, 2010) – New England Eye Center is pleased to announce the launch of the “Military Assistance Program (MAP)” to provide our Military personnel the ability to achieve better vision through LASIK at substantial discounts.

New England Eye Center appreciates the service and commitment that our soldiers give to our country. We understand how important their vision is when in the line of duty both in combat and non combat situations. New England Eye Center is able to provide the most advanced LASIK surgery and other refractive options to allow our soldiers see their best.

LASIK is approved for nearly every branch of military and in fact, NASA and the Air Force have approved All Laser LASIK for their pilots. The Marines and Navy Seals have also approved both PRK and All Laser LASIK for their enlisted men and women. With three board certified surgeons on staff at New England Eye Center we do our best to accommodate their schedules, realizing that many enlisted need fast recovery or have certain schedules to adhere to.

“We are excited about this program for our soldiers and have already had many solders participate in or sign up for the program” said William R Sacco, Director of Public Relations for the New England Eye Center. “As a leading eye care institution in Boston, we take great pride in helping our military and soldiers to achieve better vision and allow them to do their jobs better when in combat and non-combat situations.

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New England Eye Center (NEEC) is the ophthalmology department for Tufts Medical Center and Tufts University School of Medicine. New England Eye Center offers a full range of comprehensive ophthalmology including treatments for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, pediatric ophthalmology and aesthetic surgery. New England Eye Center is also a leading provider of Laser Vision Correction in Greater Boston and New England offering a full range of vision correction procedures for all types of eye conditions.

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Contact: William R. Sacco, New England Eye Center

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