Protect Your Eyes! September Is Sports Eye Safety Month!

According to “Prevent Blindness,” regardless of age, sports-related eye injuries occur most frequently in water sports, basketball, baseball and softball. The good news is that many of these injuries can be prevented by protecting your eyes with face guards and eye guards. Faceguards and sports eye guards can prevent minor injuries from corneal scratches up to more serious injuries such as fractured eye sockets. If you have ever had the misfortune of suffering a corneal scratch, then you know, it’s very uncomfortable and can keep you down for several days.

Dr. Helen Wu, the cornea specialist in Boston, sees first – hand the frequency of eye injuries which often could have been prevented by simply wearing eye protection. Ocular hazards are everywhere-indoors and outdoors. Dr. Wu is especially insistent that her patients take care to avoid these hazards. For patients who have had LASIK or PRK, Dr. Wu stresses the importance of wearing protective eyewear, even when patients have been able to eliminate their need for glasses after vision correction surgery.

Don’t be a fool, look cool! Invest in some funky looking eye gear! Visit the Optical Store at New England Eye Center on the 11th floor and ask about safety glasses lines by Hilco, Liberty, and Bolle. If you do not see a style you like, often glasses can be ordered for you. Call the optical shop at 1-617-636-5857 to make an appointment and become informed on the latest and greatest eyewear sales.

Visit this link at “Prevent Blindness” to learn more about safety tips for eye protection and pointers on choosing eye guards.

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