Should I Have LASIK This Winter?

woman in winter clothing and sunglasses sitting at outdoor table while holding cup of coffee

When you schedule any kind of surgical procedure, it’s important to consider what time of year is best to have it. LASIK surgery is actually a very safe procedure.

What you need to remember is there is still a recovery time involved after having it. While you get to go home the same day you have LASIK, your eyes will need some time to get back to normal.

This means a few days to feel normal again and a few weeks before they’re healed. There are a few things to consider about having LASIK in the winter.

It’s a good idea with several benefits, but you should also be prepared to be extra careful in winter weather. Keep reading to find out if you should have LASIK this winter!

Avoid Allergy Season

If you have an allergy to pollen, spring can be a very uncomfortable time for your eyes. And while you’re healing from LASIK, contending with allergies can be extra uncomfortable and slow down the recovery process.

Having LASIK in the winter means avoiding an early recovery during the spring. Winter is also a good time of year to avoid outdoor allergens of all kinds.

After all, most plant life and animals lie dormant during this time. If you have sensitive eyes and allergies, winter may be the best time of year for you to have LASIK.

Recover Indoors

Most people spend a lot more time indoors during the winter. This is ideal for LASIK patients as they can spend more time inside recovering.

Wouldn’t you rather not miss out on nice weather and outdoor events that take place during the summer? Being inside also means you can regulate the temperature and humidity.

This makes the environment you’re in as friendly as possible for your eyes. A humidifier can go a long way to keep your eyes from getting dry and uncomfortable during the LASIK recovery process.

Tax Refund

The beginning of the year is often the time when taxpayers make a big purchase with their refunds. If you know you’re due for a large tax refund this year, LASIK surgery is the perfect thing to spend it on.

While LASIK tends to be a little pricey, it’s a good investment in the long term. With LASIK, you won’t have to spend money on glasses and contacts and all the accessories that go with them.

That means many patients save as much as the price of their procedure within a few years of having LASIK. Using your tax refund now on this investment means you don’t have to worry about a payment plan.

Even better, you’re setting yourself up to save throughout the rest of the year. What’s not to love about that?

Be Cautious In Cold Weather

Winter is a great time for LASIK, but the cold weather can still be harmful to your eyes. Even if you aren’t recovering from surgery, too much time out in the cold can have detrimental effects on your eyes.

The biggest danger is the cold, dry air that can make it harder for your eyes to produce tears. Tears are vital for your eyes to heal.

If you do have LASIK this winter, be sure to limit your time outside. When you’re inside, remember to watch out for dry air from your heating system.

If it feels too dry inside, consider getting a humidifier. Healthy tears mean happy eyes and a smoother recovery after LASIK!

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