Update on Paolo DiGirolamo of “Naked and Afraid”

To date, electing to have corrective eye surgery with New England Eye Center and Dr. Helen Wu has been one of the best decisions I have personally made in almost 20 years. The ability to wake up and start my day without first having to think of whether or not my glasses or contacts are with me is incredible to say the least. Knowing that I can simply think about how I want to spend my day and what I would like to do is how everybody who wears glasses or contacts wants to start their day. With PRK, I can.

The greatest benefits have shown themselves immediately when I was able to go out for a run with my friend just a few days after surgery and not worry about my glasses fogging up, sweat getting on the lenses, or them slipping down my nose, obscuring my vision. I have been able to go to the beach and not worry about water getting into my eyes and flushing out my contacts. I have been able to go camping and not be worried about packing saline or contact cases.

This procedure has not only afforded me incredible vision and the ability to see the world as it truly is but it has also enabled me to reach a level of independence which I have not had for many years. The day I was able to donate my glasses to the Lions fund and not worry about purchasing another bottle of saline solution again is really the most I could ask for out of this procedure.

The staff was and has been incredibly courteous, helpful, informative, and above all concerned with my recovery and overall satisfaction.

Thank you New England eye Center, Dr. Wu your Team!


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