What are the Benefits of Clearer Vision?

Do you have refractive errors? You may rely on glasses or contact lenses to see. 

Using visual aids means you’ve probably wondered what it must be like to have clear vision. While it may sound like a far-off dream, you can achieve better vision by having LASIK. 

It’s no accident that over 96% of LASIK patients achieve 20/20 vision or better! You can attain the kind of vision that you’ve always dreamed of by undergoing this popular vision correction procedure. 

But is clearer vision worth the trouble of having a procedure performed on your eyes? Considering how simple LASIK surgery is and how fast the recovery can be, most patients would say “yes.” 

Are you still not convinced? Keep reading to learn about a few benefits of having clearer vision after LASIK!

No More Glasses

Anyone who wears glasses knows these visual aids come with their fair share of frustrations. Not only do they get in the way of wearing anything on your head or face, like glasses and masks, but they also cause issues when you wear them while doing day-to-day tasks. 

First, it’s annoying to realize how often your lenses get scratched up and dirty just by going about your day. Even if you’re diligent about putting them away in a protective case and cleaning the lenses, you must spend a lot of time on maintenance. 

A good portion of that maintenance includes using a lens cloth to clean your lenses. Once they are finally clean, all it takes is a quick scratch of your nose or moving your glasses up on your nose for them to get dirty again. 

No matter how careful you are, there will still be times when your glasses fog up, and there’s nothing you can do but wait for them to clear up again. Whether it’s a cold winter day and you need to go back inside or trying to cook pasta, foggy glasses are never convenient!

With LASIK, you’ll never have to worry about these issues again. But this may get you thinking about another alternative if you don’t like wearing glasses: contact lenses. However, contact lenses come with plenty of frustrations and problems as well.

No More Contacts

If you don’t like wearing glasses, you’ve probably at least considered wearing contacts. You may already wear contact lenses on the days when you want to enjoy almost invisible vision correction. 

But contacts aren’t for everyone. Some people don’t like touching their eyes whenever they need to put in and take out contact lenses. 

It can feel daunting, and for some people, it can cause irritation to wear contact lenses. If you can’t get behind contacts, LASIK is an excellent solution. 

The vision correction procedure never requires you to put anything in your eyes or take it out to see. You’ll achieve clear vision without needing any lenses.

Even if you’ve gotten used to wearing contact lenses, they aren’t always convenient. They can irritate your eyes, especially when you wear them too long or wear them when cooking with fragrant vegetables, steam, and smoke. 

In some ways, there are things about contact lenses that make them less convenient than wearing glasses. But LASIK is convenient. 

You never have to worry about any visual aids because you’ll be able to see with your own two eyes. It may sound simple, but can you say the same about glasses and contact lenses? 

LASIK does not require any lenses or frames. It’s just you relying on your eyes to see.

More Freedom

Relying on glasses or contacts makes it harder to do certain activities. Many sports require headgear, and glasses and contacts can get in the way even when they don’t. 

Any exercise or sport is more accessible when you can see without visual aids to burden you. If you’re someone who likes adventure, LASIK can enable you to do more by giving you visual freedom. 

You can be more spontaneous, and you can also plan better. After all, travel is more manageable when you don’t have as much to pack. You also won’t have to worry about losing your contacts and glasses in a foreign country!

Feel Safer

When you can see on your own without any visual aids, you can be ready for anything, including an emergency. You don’t have to worry about your glasses breaking if you get into an accident. 

Stop worrying about not being able to see when you’re rushing to get out of the house in the middle of the night because the fire or carbon monoxide alarm went off. Since you don’t need anything to see, you’ll be prepared for every worst-case scenario. 

Whether there’s a fire, you got into a car accident, or someone robbed your home, the last thing you’ll have to think about is how you’ll see after LASIK. Peace of mind is priceless in these situations.

Save Money

How can clearer vision save you money? You may know that LASIK has an upfront cost. Many people incorrectly assume that this makes LASIK unaffordable. 

But not only is LASIK affordable thanks to no-interest payment plans, but it can also save you money in the long run. What many people are unaware of is that LASIK is a permanent procedure. 

Once you have LASIK, you can look forward to years and years of clearer vision. That means that you’ll save the money you’d otherwise spend on glasses and contacts every year after you have LASIK. LASIK can pay for itself in no time at all, and you’ll continue to save year after year!

See a Whole New World

Visual freedom from glasses and contacts is a significant benefit on its own. But clearer vision doesn’t just mean you’ll be able to see without glasses or contacts. 

LASIK can help you see even better than you could even with glasses or contacts! Your vision will be significantly better than you could achieve with only glasses or contact lenses. 

How is this possible? LASIK corrects your vision beyond your original prescription, meaning you can see better than ever imagined. That’s why it’s possible to have better depth perception and reaction times without any lenses getting in the way. 

Colors even appear brighter! You’ll be able to see the world in brilliant high definition. Amazing views will be that much more spectacular!

If you want clearer vision, don’t wait! Schedule your commitment-free LASIK consultation at New England Eye Center in Boston, MA, today!

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