World Sight Day

October 13, 2016 was “World Sight Day.” It was a reminder for all of us to take care of our precious eyes. Many people believe an eye exam is for someone who needs glasses. Some people only go to the eye doctor when they have an eye infection. But, the fact is, as we age, we will all notice changes in our vision. Some of these changes will be a natural aging progression and can be managed with glasses, eye drops, and sometimes surgery. But some people will develop eye diseases that if gone untreated could result in loss of vision. New England Eye Center wants to remind you that by having regular eye exams you can protect your eyes and your overall health. By seeing your Optometrist and Ophthalmologist on a regular basis, early detection of eye disease can be the difference between a treatable ailment and loss of vision.

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Cataract Self-Test
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