The Top 7 Most Annoying Things About Glasses

Young woman with eyeglasses

If your vision isn’t perfect, you may wear glasses. For a lot of people, contacts aren’t much better, so instead, they wear glasses.

Glasses may be necessary for some people to see, but they’re not without their drawbacks. There are actually a lot of annoyances that come with glasses. Here are 7 of the biggest ones we could think of:

They’re Always Dirty

It seems like no matter what you do, glasses always end up getting dust or grease or fingerprints all over the lens. It happens all the time!

Not everyone is so organized that they always carry cleaning spray on them all the time, either. A show of hands for who is guilty of cleaning their glasses with their shirt!

As glasses wearers know, that often doesn’t even work and may leave more streaks! Dirty glasses are frustrating because they are harder to see out of.

They Fog Up All the Time

Sudden temperature changes are the natural enemy of glasses. Whether you’re walking into a warm building on a cold day, or opening the dishwasher, it leads to fog.

Don’t even get us started on foggy glasses! It’s like your glasses are dirty but even worse! And somehow, you never get used to it.

Sunglasses Are Almost Impossible

In the summer, glasses become even more frustrating. There’s really no good option if you wear glasses and need to wear sunglasses.

You can buy clip-ons, which aren’t known for staying on too well. You can have glasses that are transition lenses, but you run the risk of the lenses not changing fast enough.

Or, you can invest in prescription sunglasses and hope you never lose them, break them, or damage them. These are the only options for people who wear glasses full-time.

It comes down to two choices— spend a lot of money or feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Walking In The Rain Means You Can’t See

In the rain, glasses become completely useless. When they get wet, it’s like trying to see through warped glass.

Besides the raindrops dripping down your lenses, they might fog up as well. Water droplets on the lens wipe off but you can’t wipe them off until you have something dry to wipe them off with!

When You Lose Them And Can’t Find Them

You can’t see without your glasses, so when you lose them it can be impossible to try and find them again. There’s always a lot of feeling around and patting the ground involved when you have to go on a dreaded glasses hunt.

It doesn’t seem fair that it’s people who can’t see well that is fumbling around looking for their glasses!

They Never Seem To Fit Well

When you first get a new pair of glasses, they fit well at first. But as you wear them over time, they always loosen.

The worst part is when they get so loose you have to push them up to your nose every five minutes. If you have a bigger head, you may find that your glasses are too tight.

Tight glasses often leads to headaches, at least until you can have them readjusted. What a hassle!

Sometimes They Break

Nothing is more frustrating than having a part of your glasses break or fall off. It happens so easily– it sometimes only takes dropping them on a hard surface for an arm to snap off.

Having broken glasses can leave you unable to see at all if you don’t have a backup pair available. If they break, you could get them repaired, replaced, or use tape. We wouldn’t recommend the tape option.

If you’re tired of glasses, why not find out if you’re a LASIK candidate? Yes, there’s a world out there that doesn’t involve wearing glasses! Contact New England Eye Center in Boston, MA to schedule a LASIK consultation today!

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