5 Reasons To Say Goodbye To Contacts

Contact Lenses Example

Glasses aren’t for everyone. Contacts seem like a reasonable way to correct your vision without glasses.

But contacts have their own set of problems that can make them as annoying as glasses and hazardous. Also, glasses aren’t the only alternative to glasses.

LASIK eye surgery is more accessible now that ever! Here are a few reasons to consider saying goodbye to contacts and look into alternatives!


Some people prefer contacts to glasses because of the convenience. But contacts aren’t exactly convenient.

For one thing, to put them in you need to make sure you have clean hands. A lot of people also need a mirror when putting them in.

You also need to make sure you have a case for your contacts in hand along with a spare pair and contact solution. That’s a lot to travel with.

If you skip taking all the supplies you need with you, you risk having to take out your contacts and not being able to see!

Dry Eye

Contacts are good at drying out your eyes. It’s the main reason why people who wear contacts have to use a solution with their contacts when they put them in.

But even the most diligent solution user can still get dry eye when they wear contacts, and it’s not pleasant. Dry eye often makes the eyes feel like they’re burning and have grit in them, even after removing your contacts.


Infections are more common in people that wear contact lenses. In fact, more people get infections from contacts than from most eye surgeries.

When you change your contacts, you have to be careful to make sure your fingers are clean every time. If you ever forget or need to get a contact out in a hurry, it puts you at risk for an infection.

And eye infections are no fun, either. Not only that, but they often mean you need to take expensive antibiotics.


Speaking of things that are expensive, contacts aren’t cheap! The higher quality contact, the more expensive it is.

And unlike glasses, you need to change your contacts, even if you have a weekly or monthly pair. Even if you’re lucky enough to have insurance, it can still be expensive to pay co-pay for replacements.

Bloodshot Eyes

Contacts can make your eyes look more bloodshot than normal. Why? The lens cuts off some of the oxygen that goes into your eye.

When the vessels in your eye lack oxygen, they create more vessels to compensate. This can leave you with bloodshot eyes that are red and blotchy from all the extra veins. It isn’t the most flattering look!

Ready to say goodbye to your contacts once and for all? Contact New England Eye Center in Boston, MA to schedule a LASIK consultation!

This is the perfect time to find out if you’re a LASIK candidate, once and for all! Even if you’re not a LASIK candidate, we offer other vision correction options you can explore.

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