4 Reasons LASIK Changes How You See The World

Young woman smiling after LASIK

Millions of people need glasses or contacts to be able to go about their daily lives. If you’re one of these people, you may wonder if there are other options.

Well, there are! Chances are you’ve heard of LASIK, the most popular form of laser corrective eye surgery. But many people overlook the benefits of LASIK.

It means more than never having to worry about glasses or contacts. Keep reading to find out why LASIK changes how you see the world!

A Wider View

Patients report having better peripheral vision after LASIK. This isn’t because of the procedure but because you’re not wearing glasses.

Think about how much space your frames take up on your face. If you happen to wear square frames, there’s a lot you’re not seeing. Even contacts can’t cover the eye to offer full visual coverage.

But when your vision has been permanently corrected, you can see better from every angle. It’s something that you may not even consider before you get LASIK, but it can expand your view of the world!

More Possibilities For Adventure

Sports are more difficult for those with visual problems. Even if you wear contacts, your problems aren’t solved. You’re always worrying about your contacts drying out or falling out of your eyes!

It’s the same with travel, whether it’s too luxurious resorts or backpacking through the wilderness. You risk losing glasses or contacts and being unable to see at all.

With LASIK, these worries are just a thing of the past! You don’t need to think about packing extra glasses. You don’t need to worry about whether you brought enough solution. All you need to do is take in the beautiful sights all around you!

Fewer Allergy Symptoms

If you’re prone to allergies and wear contacts, allergy season can be horrible. Putting in contacts and taking them out is irritating enough! Add pollen into the mix if you have allergies and it’s pure misery.

It’s not much better if you wear glasses either. Pollen can easily get into your eyes, or your glasses can cause sinus pressure.

With all that, it should come as no surprise that allergies are easier to deal with after you have LASIK. If you’re considering LASIK, make sure you get it at any other time besides allergy season. Your sensitive eyes will thank you!

A Whole New Style

It’s expensive to own more than one or two pairs of glasses. That means you’re stuck with the same pair for every outfit.

Even with contacts, experimenting with new looks and styles can be challenging. But LASIK completely frees up your face to try on all kinds of bold looks.

You also never have to worry about being too tired in the morning to put in contacts. You can roll out of bed and wear whatever you want!

Want to know if LASIK is right for you? You owe it to yourself to schedule a LASIK consultation with New England Eye Center in the Boston area!

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