3 Ways LASIK Makes Life Better

The idea of being able to see clearly is one of the main reasons people get LASIK. About 15 minutes per eye with a qualified and experienced LASIK surgeon is all it takes to change your life! Keep reading to learn more about how LASIK can make your life better!

Get Caught in the Rain (and Enjoy it)

No one wearing glasses has ever enjoyed getting caught in an afternoon rain shower. Can you think of any romantic movies where either half of a couple surprised by rainwear glasses?

It’s a lot harder to look romantically into your partner’s eyes when you can’t see, right? Wearing glasses in the rain usually plays out as being blind and feeling miserable. It’s not the best.

After LASIK, getting caught in the rain can be fun! You will be able to take it all in, enjoy the moment, and see the entire time.

The best part: you won’t need to worry about where you’ll put your glasses while they are in the rain. No more clipping them to your jacket or shoving them in your pocket.

Cry through a Sad Movie 

Ever cry so hard that you blinked out a prescription contact lens? Imagine doing that while you’re in a movie theater. It’s nearly impossible to find a lost contact in the best of situations.

In a movie theater, you have to deal with slippery butter, popcorn, and who knows what on the floor. No thanks!

Even if you find your lost contact lens, there’s no way you’re going to put it back into your eye. Now you’re stuck watching the movie while only being able to see out of one eye.

But after LASIK you can cry your way through every movie! No contact lenses to worry about, or glasses that you may fog up because of crying.

Not a sad movie lover? It’s a lot easier to watch your favorite 3D movies when the 3D glasses go right on your face! LASIK means you’ll have a better movie-watching experience everywhere you go.

Here Comes the Bride…

Whether you’re the one saying I do, or you’re a guest, weddings bring out the best in life. And of course, when you go to a wedding, you know tears are going to flow.

It goes without saying that weddings and glasses don’t really go together. Getting married? Your glasses will be saved for perpetuity in your wedding pictures.

Bridesmaid? Getting your makeup done is a lot easier if you aren’t wearing glasses or contacts. Your contacts make your eyes dry, and that could lead to your mascara running.

Pass!  Even if you’re a guest, you risk your glasses fogging up or getting smeared thanks to brushing away tears.

If you want to live life in the moment, LASIK is an amazing way to do it. Rain or shine, you’ll be able to see every single moment without restrictions. What more could you want?

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