Are You Ready For LASIK?

Young woman smiling after LASIK

Getting LASIK is an exciting thing. After years of needing glasses or contacts to be able to see, you’ll finally be able to have total visual freedom.

Once you’ve had your consultation and are an approved candidate, it’s time to schedule it. But what’s next? How do you know if you’re ready for LASIK?

You’ll receive instructions from your surgeon but here are some tips to guide and prepare you before LASIK!

Stop Wearing Contacts

If you wear contacts, you should stop wearing them a few weeks before surgery. For hard contacts, stop wearing them four to eight weeks before LASIK.

Of course, this depends on your surgeon’s instructions. For soft contacts, you only need to stop wearing them about a week before surgery.

If you have contacts for astigmatism, you should plan to stop wearing them three weeks before.

Take Eye Drops As Prescribed

Your surgeon will prescribe you anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops before your procedure. You will need to start taking them at least a day before your procedure.

Be sure to take them as often as prescribed and bring them to surgery. You also should buy preservative-free artificial tears to use after surgery.

It’s common for patients to experience dry eye or irritated eyes after LASIK. Having artificial tears on hand can help reduce these symptoms!

Have a Ride

After LASIK, you won’t be able to drive yourself home. We recommend having a ride that can drive you to the procedure and home afterward.

You may want to have them stay with you for a few hours after you’re home as well, to make sure you’re comfortable. At your follow up appointment the next day, your LASIK surgeon will most likely clear you to drive.

Wear Comfortable, Loose Clothing With Non-Shedding Fabric

For the day of your procedure, plan to wear a comfy and loose outfit. Make sure you also dress warmly and wear closed-toed shoes. Wear anything that is easy to pull off, like a hoodie and leggings.

Don’t wear any fabric that has loose fibers like animal fur or faux animal fur. It can make keeping your procedure sanitary more difficult than it needs to be!

Don’t Wear Makeup the Day of Surgery

Don’t put on any lotion, perfume, or makeup on the day of your procedure. You want your face to be as clean and sanitary as possible.

You’ll want to get rid of any eye makeup like mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, or primer after LASIK. Makeup is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so you’re better safe than sorry!

Be Sure to Eat and Hydrate Before LASIK

For some surgeries, doctors want the patient not to eat or drink the night before. Since LASIK doesn’t use general anesthesia, most LASIK surgeons don’t ask their patients to fast.

It’s important to be well fed and well hydrated before surgery as you will likely be a little groggy afterward. Don’t overeat, but be sure to at least have a small snack if your surgery is too long after mealtime.

Also, avoid alcohol in the days leading up to your procedure. Being hydrated before LASIK can help your eyes adjust faster!

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