4 Reasons To Treat Your Dry Eye

Young woman suffering from Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Syndrome can be more than annoying or inconvenient. It can be painful and constant.

Some people with dry eyes or chronic dry eyes don’t even know they have it. Dry eye happens when the eye doesn’t produce enough tears or they are low quality.

This means that the eye cannot stay moisturized or well-lubricated. Dry eye causes red, irritated eyes that sting or burn. Dry eye can also make it feel like there’s grit in the eye that isn’t there.

If you have dry eyes or even suspect you have dry eyes, you should get examined by an eye doctor as soon as you can. Keep reading to learn why treating your dry eye is worth it!

Treatment Is Non-Invasive

Dry eye is usually treated with simple lifestyle changes. Most aren’t too difficult. Your doctor may ask you to take supplements, drink more water, and buy a humidifier.

Often the cause of dry eye is a simple lack of hydration and a dry environment. Sometimes it’s because of hormonal changes.  Counteracting hormones with supplements and simple, over-the-counter artificial tears can help.

If nothing else helps, your doctor may recommend a minor surgical procedure. This surgery is non-invasive and involves putting in tiny plugs in your tear ducts. This forces your tears to stay in your eyes longer and keep them moisturized.

Untreated Dry Eye Can Make Surgery Difficult

If you ever want to get any kind of eye surgery, having dry eyes can make things difficult. After surgery, the eye often is a little irritated, at least temporarily.

But having dry eyes can make post-surgical irritation far worse. Surgery can dry out your eyes even more.

Even if you don’t plan on having eye surgery any time soon, it isn’t that unlikely that you’ll want or need it at some point. If you get your dry eye treated now, it will mean far less pain in the future.

Treating Dry Eye Can Improve Your Health

Treating dry eye often involves adjusting your environment. It’s easy to see that treatment can improve more than your eye health.

Staying hydrated is beneficial to your health, as are many nutritional supplements. If you treat your dry eye, you stand to be much healthier in more ways than one.

You Don’t Have to Put Up With the Discomfort

The biggest reason you should have your dry eyes treated is because you deserve to feel good. That’s the only reason you should need it.

Often when we have chronic ailments, we get used to putting up with them and give up hope that things can change. But you don’t have to live with the discomfort of dry eyes!

You can help yourself feel so much better by seeing an eye doctor and getting some easy treatment. Don’t force yourself to put up with unnecessary pain.

Want to learn more about dry eye treatment options? Schedule an appointment at New England Eye Center in Boston, MA today! Don’t let your dry eye symptoms stand in your way of good eye health any longer!

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